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ITV Tonight Programme Looking for Couples! Tue, 12 Apr 2011 12:00:48 +0000 Sarah

Last week I was contacted by a lovely researcher at ITV about a segment they’re putting together for an episode of the Tonight programme. ITV are looking for couples who are planning to – or who have got married on a tight budget and would like to interview them for the show…

If you fit-the-bill and would like to have a chat with the fab team behind this prime time show – please get in touch with your contact details and I’ll happily pass them on. Email me at


With Love, Boho Bride xx


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Worthy Wedding Investments… Thu, 24 Mar 2011 06:00:25 +0000 Sarah

This past weekend I spent some time with two of my dearest friends, who also happen to be part of my Bridesmaid ensemble…We were having a chat about wedding-ness and all the things I’ve yet to organise when my wedding shoes were mentioned…

The assumption was that I already had them – admittedly because I’d emailed a link to them with the caption..”look what I’ve just bought” and promptly failed to confess that I bailed and cancelled the order after having a wobbly over their £200 price tag! My friends were horrified. Especially as I went on to inform them that I was also giving hair, make-up and post ceremony nibbles a miss in order to stick to our modest budget.

You see – paying for this wedding has turned me into Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride…OK, I am still the Bride, but it’s mine and my fiance’s hard earned cash that’s going into it. At the beginning of our wedding prep I vowed to ensure everything {erm and everyone} earned it’s place at our day and have to admit I really needed the brutal honesty of two dear friends to jolt me out of my wedding miser ways!!!

I’ve been cutting corners to an extreme and whilst I am all for a wedding on a shoe-string…I’ve been trying to get away with having the string sans shoes! At peace with the fact that I won’t be buying {or making} favours, that our cakes and decor will be for the most part, DIY and that champagne will be replaced with Pimms {muuuch nicer!} I was beginning to become my own worst enemy…

I have always wanted a small ‘do’ with the intention that family and friends would feel just as special as us on the day…treated and spoiled as a thank you for 10 years of support. I’d lost sight of this and not only would they be losing out on the nice touches, but so would we!

As my friends pointed out, a good pair of shoes can last many years…and why bother saving £100 on a make-up artist if I’m then going to spend the rest of my life hiding our wedding pics, because I’ve an angry-looking spot on my chin?! And how mean is it to expect our guests to pay for petrol and a night in a popular tourist area, if I then can’t stretch to a h’orderve or two?

How far is two far, where wedding savings are concerned? If I become a wedding spendthrift will I feel pangs of buyers remorse? I’ve yet to press ‘buy’ on the shoe’s that have stolen my heart, but vowed to give my false economies more thought….and I’ve also promised my friends that I won’t freak out, if I happen to discover a few “superfluous buns” post wedding breakfast.

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