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Chris Barber Media – Q & A Mon, 13 Dec 2010 07:00:08 +0000 Sarah

When I received my 500th follower on Twitter I did a shout-out to @CBMedia and in return was asked if they’d won a prize. So imagine my joy at discovering that Birmingham based wedding photography duo Chris and Dani from Chris Barber Media were behind the tweets! I hastily (in a not-so-playing-it-cool way) asked if they’d partake in a Q&A. They agreed and will forever be known as my fab 500th. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourselves:

“hello boho bride readers, you lovely little folk! we are a husband + wife wedding photography team. people call us dani + chris but you can call us whatever the heck you like. powered by caffeine + freddo bars, we bring a fun, modern + off-beat approach to every wedding we crash photograph.”

The first wedding you ever captured – give us some details, where,
when and who?

“i love the idea of “capturing” a wedding, it makes us sound like we’re naturalists in combat gear with nets + pocket knives, waiting to
pounce on something. this may have actually been how we shot our first wedding now i think about it…”

Has your technique evolved since then?

“oh totally, we wear suits now.”

Describe your style of photography in for words -

“your parents hate it.”

What in your opinion, makes for great wedding photos?

“2ml of bride + groomage, mix well with laid-back sauce + pour over outer space. add dollops of awesome sauce as required.”

Do you give your couples much direction – or is it an organic process?

“it really depends on the couple. some like it organic, some like it artificial. we like best of both. (the last two answers have been food orientated, sorry – i was hungry when i answered this)”

Any tips for camera shy couples?

“quite often it’s down to being shy with who’s taking the picture, not physically being shy of an object that processes light so if we’re not afraid of spending time with our couples before the wedding, building a rapport with them (even if it’s not wedding related). obviously, there are people out there that have a genuine fear that the camera is gonna eat their soul, in these situations we just make complete idiots of ourselves until they can begin to feel like they can “open up” in front of a camera.”

Career highlights so far?

“we’d like to make our career highlights sound slightly better than they actually are by telling you our career low-points first…last year, one of our brides walked in whilst we were singing peter andre.  a few months later, a couple walked into the studio as we were mid-cave-man-like-scoffing our faces with cup cakes. they booked us on the spot.

in all seriousness, working together + being happy doing a job we love for the last 2 + a half are our most proudest achievements.”

Style or Substance?

“substance. fo’ sho’.”

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