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ally affecting the mucous surface of the tongue, palate, and nose, and
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sentation. The Ad Hoc Committee voted unanimously to
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force, rate, and muscular tonus. The increase in rate corresponds with the periods of increase
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mitted her to do upon finding the larynx again in a normal
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eye, with swelling;- of eyelids, impaired movements of
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strangers to terrapin-suppers and the usual accompaniments.
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cardiac and tbvioid pbeuomeua of Graves' disease. Tr.
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Method of Feeding. — Bre-dst-fed, three; partly breast-fed, three; arti-
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Medicaid coverage is available, regardless of medical needs,
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u. s., xi, 39-43. — Minor (J. C.) The indications for tre-
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to the mother;" ''that if the Caesarean section is resorted to
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among men than among women, and attacks the patient at al-
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person, who some months or some years previously has had paralysis of
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vegetable infusions, the intestinal contents of flies, frogs, pigeons,
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Moecribed list should be varied from day to day in order to avoid the
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Original Act. xxix. If any registered medical practi-
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up to the requirements of the occasion; but when they fail to meet the
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During the thirty years war, in the 1 7th century, tjrphus fever spread over central
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8.429 the imperative is opposed to "perish." In each case it is the
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His descriptions in general agree with those given by
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reciprocal. Those that excite most frequently sympathetic irri-
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made in regard to tuberculosis being a cause of choroiditis is entirely
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finding that inoculation therewith, after everything extrane-
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New York of the work done two years ago by Sanarelli in
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bring the knees into as close contact with the face as the
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Satient, when vaccination had failed several times, and to confirm the opinion of
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bodies are but seldom encountered. The best time to
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in the morbid secretions, or by some other quality, I will not attempt
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brain, and between the meningeal membranes. In the latter situation it is
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go in groups ; we may see four or five cases in a short time, and
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son giving ether, laparotomy was performed June 20,
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hours in great number. This forms a serious obstacle
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(a) Nelaton's line, drawn from the anterior superior spine of
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If, in an hour, no change is produced, take a bitter almond, pound it fine,
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means necessarily destroyed. Then, rabbits are known to be very
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25 per cent, over the average. For the week ending 8th June the hours
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