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mit to any surgical operation, and yet relief is demanded. A pallia-

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whooping returns, and this is particularly the case with the children of

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which can be bought by charitable societies or individuals, and

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virulent strain and that cross immunisation is not complete.

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not a sanitary measure suggested to which it may not form a most

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the temperature of the bath. Although he turns red in hot

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meager training. To these and such as these the institute

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of the toes and the inner surface of the feet, the legs being crossed or the

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fever or small-pox, may be transmitted. Personally, he could

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ble dressing, and may be removed at the end of three

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which can be productive of any injury to the patient ;

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lon^r shown that the fibro-plastic cell, such as Mr. Laurence

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l" hl - |s well formed. 1 think, however, tint si, ,!,t deformity

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quacks are familiar with the use of aconite, quinine, anti-

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Syme might consider that in such cases the perineal section would be abso-

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ward about six inches. All the intestines were removed

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curvature of its root, cannot be successfully treated

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Textbooks — Holt and Mcintosh, Griffith and Mitchell. Reference Books — Kerley, Drew,

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in the majority of cases; the jury contributes only an

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immediately thereafter commenced treating him at my clinic in

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body of the organ,, which is very desirable in cases

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ing with Dr. Durgin, he seemed very much pleased that the

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Mass, ; H. Hun, Albany, N. Y. ; A. Jacobi, New York ;

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restoring a healthier condition of the cutaneous vessels and glands,

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ment may be, and doubtless is, a powerful auxiliary in promoting

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tract should first be put in a normal condition. In case of per-

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devised. It was constructed on the principle of the

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quent. Saundby, in " Allbutt's System," 1st edition,

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Cumberland County Medical Society has elected the fol-

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Distribution. The face and extremities are most frequently involved.

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called by many, but especially by Hebra and his pupils.

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results ; one producing irritation, and the other not.

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the universe, and the idea has been broached that this subtile