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ent institutions makes it impossible to know how far the
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who had suffered from time to time from pain in the joints
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84 days in 1904, 15.655 inches on 79 days in 1903, 11.750 inches
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open, and not seldom unavoidably torn. In some cases this
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I would like to meutiou another case in which a similar
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He had complete consolidation of the lower left lobe, wliich was under-
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feels the need of it presents a difficulty hard to overcome.
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Cretinoid cases treated with thyroid develop wonderfully both physically
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when we will, as a Faculty, be able to carry the purple and
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wards, on the surface to be examined, and the tips of the striking fingers
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Treatment of partial entropion b.y a new method. Liver-
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soon as the tension is relieved. Hence, these symptoms cannot be referred
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tom. I have found that subnormal temperature in abscess
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glass Program has, under the auspices of the Wisconsin
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"It is not unimportant to inquire what should be the nature of the nutriment
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can be given by infusion once or twice per diem. In some patients the
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United States, and receive subscriptions for said stock ; and whenever
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or fibroid tumors. In menorrhagia the patient is almost always
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of Ruffier, that under certain conditions bacteria pass
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Ti-'kknne. — On July 31, at 2, Willow-hank, Edinburgh, the wife of James
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obtaining of careful records in institutions, so that
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gist, who lectured in New Orleans, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati
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castor oil, and in the course of two hours after this he
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or absence of design in the infliction of a wound is commonly made apparent
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much like a fibrous cord ; the lumen of the stricture was the size of
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sources, being universally admitted, it appeared to him, in be a very rational mode of inquiry
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monl}^ called pulmonary apoplexy, and usually under these circumstances *"'
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For the relief of spasms and epileptiform convulsions bromide of
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they should be called 'hospitals.' ♦ « « • 'Hiis institution having at its
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advises all obstetric Practitioners to give it as soon as possible
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that the nose and mouth will not be closed by pressure against the
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obviate this is to take it in a little wine, cider, or coffee.
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grade, 106° to 110° F., with few and slight remissions, scarcely subsides,