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motor car, the spacious, luxurious interior and the sleek exterior design that all add up to Cadillac.

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organ and every function which supports life, are baffled and

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do a thing which we consider highly improper, that is, licensing men to

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entrance ; the position of the smaller fragments above a

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ing. On examination, a swollen and very red or purple appear-*

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successful that it is now intended to appoint another lady inspector, whose

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whitish, cloudy growth upon the surface, following the line of inoculation,

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forceps. These did not answer, and lie introduced his finger,

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By substituting podopbyllin in the place of calomel

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in the city, the village would remain entirely exempt. This in spite of

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every case should have its separate apartment, but that such

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former place, by the ship Carricks, from Dublin, on board which 41 per-

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on record wher?, so far as the gross appearances went,

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vised to return for a repeat polysomnogram in one to two

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ons other than narcotics, stupor and coma supervene.

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Hemiii[iic pupillary inaction is demonstrable in the left eye,

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both posterior horns in the one direction, and between the pos-

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IN 1861 Professor Friedreich, of Heidelberg, described a disease of the

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397-409. Oclz (11. L-) Hints on the treatment of fract-

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Evidently transformation of the patient's erythrocytes will continue to

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though they are usually quite violent. Incessant vomiting, great pain in

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of the growth during the administration. In none was

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line for each letter of the alphabet. If your patient's

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rhage. On examination, the vagina was found filled with clots.

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tion may make the results inaccurate. The blood is sucked up into the capillary

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cinsuuiption, 17— convul.«ions, 3 — cynanche trachealis, 1 — diarrhiua, 1 — dropsy. 3 — dropsy of the head, 8

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1958. Impink, Robert R., 405 Oley St., Reading, Pa.

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Pulmonary orifice. In obstruction, there is cyanosis with breathless-

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the right kidney, which exhibits a less destructive appearance.'

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neys Kelly has shown that a moderate degree of hydro-