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4. In localized or "surgical" tuberculosis, tuberculin has a

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recovery of such a case placed in the greatest jeopardy by such

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be due to the fact that the patients's bowels had not moved for

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of the first week, become subordinate to those characteristic of enteric

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ening to practically cover over the intake opening.

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ming masters teach their pupils to swim ; they throw them into deep

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Omaha Clinic, 1889-90, ii, 261-268.— Bois. De I'application

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[ relief of neuralgia. Drs. Ringer and Murrcll, of London,

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ble swelling, and certain subjective sensations, wliich

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No. 20 of Snellen's test types at four inches from his eyes with the right eye,

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Vice -Fre si dent G. W. Baker, M.D., 48 Bedford Ave.

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the latter outlasting the former. (5) The distinction which

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sufiiciently accelerated by the ether to cause any retardation of the circula-

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Holt, J. M., assistant surgeon, relieved from duty at St. Louis, Mo.,

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diagnosis is secured by the exploration-puncture. The treat-

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public hospital or medical association, institution, or library,

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given during the first year in the waiting-room to 3,000 out-

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occurred io less than 0. 1% ol patients treated with this product. Anaphylaxis, rash, urticaria,

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waiting for interment, without having seen a case where

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although very largely operative in scope, is an extremely valuable one.

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poftea calida inunfhione inunfta naturae ad cutim expuifionem eo

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the hjematopoietic formations exhaust the organism,

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profession, and should above oil things occupy a perfectly independent and

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part of the right lobe of the liver. The ductus communis cho-

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personnel of its governing Board and teaching force. The demands made

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nence may be mentioned Dr. J. Acheson Wilkin and Dr. R. J.

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Oftener the iris is pressed into the wound, after partial bursting

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be attached to the various symptoms of acute obstruction of

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Brows; Mr. Beckett; Dr. OXeary; Dr. Ball; Mr. R. V. Ash; Dr.

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Chest Conference, second and fourth Friday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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