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which has also been the seat of other cutaneous disorders. In this way

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ding, etc. Abundant yellow elastic tissue is also seen.

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Unfortunately, a habit of suppressing mental imagery

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bromic solution, (c.) There has been remarkable immunity

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The New York -Journal of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences. Edited by

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pensate for the spleen. This theory was based partly upon the general simi-

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tion known commonly as true croup, and occurring also in certain cases of

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mine cases of doubtful syphilis, care being taken only, to

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to the hospital, practically for better observation, and sec-

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Yonkers, New York. This is put in the tireless cooker just as the milk

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ing upon other diseases of a purely inflammatory character, or which have

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as affording less danger of infection. Unfortunately the diagnosis is often too

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"which very speedily caused ringing in the ears. The brandy was taken

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most others. It appears useful in fiicilitating the dispersion of some other

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smaller medical colleges, it will be found of good ser-

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comparable to the erythema and catarrh of the throat and larynx, and opens

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more delegates, and is entitled to one vote in the trans-

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gistrars duly to fulfil the duties imposed upon them it

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The eruption on the trunk is later in appearing than on the face or

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Rokitansky, of inflammatory exudation into croupous and plastic. The

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perusal in the fresh and solemn original serves to amuse

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purulent, with diffuse or partial local adhesions ; and these forms

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capacity of sixteen beds, conducted solely at his own

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s6cutives ii, une fi^vre typhoide grave; suppuration d'une

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soon spoil after being bottled for exportation, and that there-

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course of 6 weeks. On advice he spent some months in Arizona

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Action and Use; This preparation utilizes the effective expectorant action of glyceryl

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third of -white, and only two- thirds of red, globules in the

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cally no temperate opium users. The opium eater al-

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the British Pharmacopoeia, Merck's cannabinon and extractum cannabis

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upon each accession of the fit, was first attacked with profuse

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There was a heavy trace of albimiin in the urine, in addition to

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to agglutination on tHe part of red corpuscles which were not infected

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of complaints and recommended, in the treatment of the