Boho Bride a celebration of everything that goes into making a wedding unique – which is fundamentally you and your ‘real weddings’!

What I’m looking for:   Well the name gives it away; I’ve a real soft spot for boho weddings and feel an affinity towards Brides and Grooms who have the confidence to steer away from ‘the done thing’. I’m also a country girl at heart and would love to celebrate the UK’s growing trend towards shabby chic weddings. Modern weddings  have an air of timeless elegance about them and produce the most beautiful photo’s…

So if you’ve celebrated or captured a wedding, where the style has added to the substance, please send them my way!


When submitting your wedding please include a summery of your day (no more than 250 words) and try to include some info on the following…

Venue and date, dress designer, accessories, Groom’s suit, bridesmaid dresses, florist, caterer, diy elements, highlights, hints and tips. Basically, everything you’d like to know as a reader!

Send us a collection of 12 images and try to include a good balance of bride, venue, flowers etc…the more creative, the better!


Please remember give us your photographer’s name and ask their permission before submitting your wedding, as they deserve their credit too!


It’s so exciting to hear from you, as you must get to witness so many extraordinary days!

Please send some information similar to above and also include the Bride’s contact details, to

We’d also love to hear about the elements of the day, that made the wedding stand out for you!

Boho Bride isn’t just about the wedding day itself – so if you’ve an engagement shoot, trash the dress or any other pre or post wedding party pics that you want to share…feel free to send them my way!

For this and all other enquiries, please contact

If you’ve already been featured on Boho Bride…and want to shout about it, why not use my stamp of approval! Please email me for html links.