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which fibrinous deposits on the heart's valves so often exist. More-
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glance at the table of contents shows us that we shall here find
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that movements in the small muscles of the left hand seemed to
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of his superficial area has been developed by years of contact
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although the phenomena of exophthalmic goitre correspond in
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the Cerebral Diseases on u^hich they depend. By X* Oale-
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happens that diseases which are rarely seen at home are quite
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Woch., Nos. 42 and 43. Cases occurring in the late war in
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has been said, indirectly, but, as it appears, also directly from chemical
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tions, which are usually, in the case of the poor, performed in
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back upon the acquaintances of your younger days, and how many of you will
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tricate the annual. It was in vain. She sat down, exhausted, and commenced
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follow operative intervention, at least in the functional sense
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immediately concerned. We cannot hide from ourselves that
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the active contraction of the stomach, which last may in some in-
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y. Bitgen (1848). As a pupil of Bitgen^s, B. says be has often
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sive urine, and a grumbling pain in the region of the kidneys. The kidney snake
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lower quadrant of the abdomen. In the right lower quadrant
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\ ^ Frir a fuU account of this subject, see Abeille, * Traits des Mai. a Ur. Album*
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dently the result of an impression on the nervous system, through the medium of
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Involuntary Seminal Emissions. — Immediately preceding, I have spoken of the
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mented by abnormal mobility of the organ. The abdominal
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tissue presenting evident signs of contractility ; and M. Bouget
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M. Ooupil, taking advantage of his position at the Lourcine
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regular spiral arrangement characteristic of striated fibre, are
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unnatural quantity through the collateral branches in the
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Blood Renovator, which are unequalled for this purpose, and never-failing.
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of a blacky tarry colonr, sometimes interspersed with bloody occa-
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here to the synovial membrane, and ultimately become absorbed —
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