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Dr. T. C. Evans, Louisville : I was very much interested in the paper

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The use of the screen, however, cuts off the ultra-violet

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the thigh there were 51 recoveries, and 77 deaths (about 60T5 per

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pelvis, the same subsidence of the extreme symptoms takes pla-Jt-

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evidence of serious organic lesions in the body is a grave

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Lond. <fe Edinb., 1889. 177.— Cunningham (I). J.) The

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an evidence of the immense value of a definite prear-

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of the medical profession, to promote the atlvancement of the medical

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among the junior ofBcers of a French regiment stationed at Rennes

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or twelfth week. The premonitory symptoms are : swelling

spelman college majors pdf

are, usually if not always, more severe and unmanageable than at any other

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encouraging, and much good work is being done. The books

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existing behind between the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum — form-

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dependent classes. The survival of the unfit liad be-

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striatum for heat production. Probably this controls mus-

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It is strange but true that a large proportion of the profession appear

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to extinguish life in the readiest manner, and without the aid of

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completely negative except for equivocal slight wid-

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congestion of all the viscera drained by the portal vein, but especially

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Colics was able to take walking and carriage exercise. His

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even in his fourth page lie tell.s us theiusehes, and fall in «illi dangerous

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the patient leans backward. The accompanying illus-