Cow 45 — 200,000. In R. F. quadrant. Fresh. This cow had been injured in the
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Sugar of Gelatine^ Sugar, C12 H12 O12 [ = 4(C4 H5 N O4)
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by infected drinking-water, he leaves himself open to the suspicion
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tinguish between (1) fatty overgrowth, and (2) fatty infiltration and
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IV. The left subclavian and axillary artert of a patient
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to this complaint, is one who has never paid any attention to diet,
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horizontal by the obliteration of the lumbo-spinal curvature, or, as
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lescent patients, where there are no convalescent institutions.
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she had been going about and feeling perfectly well until the sudden attack
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provement, hydrotherapy is very beneficial (cold sponge-baths, rub-
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Culture Used, B. typhosus, 24-hr., broth, filtered.
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times, and though I have obtained as much as 800 c.e. of saliva in 24
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that enough has been said to warrant the assumption that we are
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Tertiary syphilis often presents itself for treatment under the
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Dr George W. Balfour stated that he perfectly agreed with Dr
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[If the heat of the food is an etiological factor it is certainly only one
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ance of any fjeculent escape, nor any fseculent odour about the