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notes of the case of a child in whom after a wound of the temple, redness

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Malarial fever is referable to infection with a protozoan parasite

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sulphate of cinchonia, and find tlmt ten or fifteen grains are suffi-

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resembling in ap|)earance an o?dematous swelling, but

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grateful for every kindness; she was one of those of whom Boer-

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going to work, and are not regarded as destitute and

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existing focus placed outside the genito-urinary tract. This division, in

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* Richmond and Loutnulle Joum,^ Nov., 1872, p. 555.

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rature of the disease extended back as far as 150 years,

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old, who was nearly suffocated from what was thought to be

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Jozirn. Amer. Med. Assoc, 1916, Ixvii, p. 1295; Nobel und Steinbach, Zeitschr. f.

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power of speech almost entirely ; the left side of hoàj is now paralyzed more

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eliminating the necessity of individual application.

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ation, of meningitis, apparently tubercular, though an

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left arm, annoying, creeping sensation from before backwards, in cardiae

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the difficult class of cases where a gall-stone is impacted in the

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the Code as its guidt\ tlie Comitia Minora iiave given

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hepatization ; the lung is softer, yellower, and more pulpy, but the

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food that would impel it in definite directions to secure

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consider the results obtained by others, who have given

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distica de las inociilaciones con mosquitos coutamiuados

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serious attention of thinking men and women. It may be

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un wrought flax as many knots as there are letters in

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cannot be imposed upon by those who would like to substitute one

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Emphasis should be on nondestructive procedures and

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Diagnosis. — The juices of colored fruits (of black raspberries, for

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Feet, hands, thighs, arms, eyes, ears, back, breasts, yea, all; and

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la Soc. estud. clin. de la Habanii, 1895-6, vii, 289-295.—

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'I,'' 'li" '''■ '■<■'■ r'i'i ill I ii.i.iiii ir.'.i .1! ,1 Ji-i'iui.' tii'in the uouiui, .iiul

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cient during its progress to interfere with the natural sensations

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o dvukb slucbayakli opei'ativnavo izllecbeuiya vrozbden-

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an exclusion of drafts. Nor does the patient suffer in consequence ;


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