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transitory attacks; rarely the temperature is subnormal. Sweating is

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** Gartner: Allgem. Wiener, med. Zeitschr., 1887, 49, 50.

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According to Reiss, the quantity of nonprotein substances in the

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the aftion of the air, that they require very few clothes. And

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Indications for Operative Interference in Carcinoma

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the articular form changes characteristic of inflammation have been seen

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be in its entire course and character, from first to last.

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cases with convulsions during labor, one had a single convulsion and the

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in the distal circulation. Two examples of the latter — that in

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point well in front of the malleolus to prevent adhesion

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he other from the sediment, after centrifuging 10 cubic centimeters

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stiffened with shellac, or even straightened to conform to

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men), or prevalent at the same time in several farms at no great

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and privileges which are justly ours. Let us not rest content

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needless. He referred to a case in v^ich he had per-

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D. C. By John B. Trask, M.D., Act. Ass. Surg. U. S. A. San Francisco,

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methoprim and 400 mg sulfamethoxazole)-bottles of 100 and 500; Tel-E-Dose' packages of 100,

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methods pointed out in Mr. Hume's letter applicable? — Are

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causes of disease, is based on inference rather than on demonstration. But

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the collection which he had gathered in an active practice of

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cefsful cafj is abundantly fufRcient to juftify farther trials. But, that

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should be careful not to predict an early recovery.

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4.— Points to be Observed by the Family of a Tubercu-

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that institution embrace this occasion to express their appreciation of his past