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At the date of Dr. Pierson's arrival in Windsor, it was consid-
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cone inside the nose is rapidly plugged with small pieces of cot-
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intestinal canal of the infant, and acts as an irritant of the osteoplas-
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with the means at command. The books should be assorted, and special care
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Dr. Henry O. Marcy's name was inadvertently omitted in the signa-
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used kangaroo tendon for the ligature of the pedicles, with
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tionship to the severity of myocardial impairment. A dilatation occurrinj:
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Croup is a local malady, (See Dr. J. L. Smith's article in
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solutions to syringe out his mouth frequently. After the first two weeks,
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that this patient, as a rule, no sooner was made better
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operation, but the convalescence is long and tedious.
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A rare disease, resembling bulbar paralysis, but without
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was in two parts, the lower 2J inches, and the upper half an
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Wheeler's Handbook of Medicine, by William R. Jack, B.Sc., M.U., F.R.F.P.S.G.
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