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night-sweats." " The next most important ? " " To keep the
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to whether transplantation of foreign suprarenal tissue
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are too often guilty of fostering to our own and patient's hurt.
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subsistence, and accounts, not only in rejgiments but in hospitals.
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One more word with regard to the operation : — Of course,
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Empyema is caused, as far as direct causation goes, by on&
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cases not even the nails are left behind. So complete a desquamation as
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Dr. "Westphal, ■who for some time held the office of Director of the De-
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Lesoway R, Humen DP et at: Clinical and hemodynamic
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to entirely offset the corrosive action of the acid, and the
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trude, and the rugae of the cardiac orifice to become unfolded.
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appear in breast milk. If their use.is essential, the patient should
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