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Over thirty years have elapsed since I held the post of anaesthetist

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It seems that attention is still being given to the Woodbridge treatment

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Organs, their Causes and Kffects."— Royal College of Sur-

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facts, but as an important group, which are essential, when connected with the

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character is improved in tone by a moderate abstraction of bloodi

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(2) Hereditary Predisposition. — ^The percentage of cases in which heredity

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The work is not however confined to discussions open only to

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maintenance of life and the making of new cell structures for

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plasm at one time, absorbing them by the aid of the

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presented with another example of the mutual dependency of the

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the plan adopted in arranging the following Synopsis of Nosology.

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upon extremely variable data relating to diagnosis and operation. The

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ing. This period has been prolonged in two cases to

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asks, **What do I get for the $2— to $5 — that I pay an-

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viscera. The supreme difficulty in non-traumatic cases is to distinguish

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