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In France the studies of Cornil and his pupils especially Widal and

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purpose is the pride of several European cities. In some it was

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ney the bartholinitis either as a suppurative adenitis or

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The neutral sulphate of an alkaloid obtained from the

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the neighborhood cancer of the rectum sarcoma of the femur and

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questioned as to his health he replies enthusiastically First rate

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treatment the progress of the laryngeal disease is checked and

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According to Mr. Carey s view of the matter wherever man is permitted

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but not cure of the symptoms by the use of quinin which Helmholtz

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advance it farther than the teeth. In dying patients the

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and more distension of the renal cavity and more and more pressure on

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Indies we have arched and shady walks formed by bamboo groves yet

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and it is not always perfectly clear on what this malignancy depends.

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ure which can be directed to this end is the enforcement of

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ercised by implementing permissive legislation dealing

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vesical prolapse is the presence of an unusual quantity of fat sur

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quick often irregular and in short she presented the

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nephrorrhaphies and nephrotomies with one death as a result

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menstruated in July and not again until after an interval

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aortism with diminished arterial resistance producing mild lesions in

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made at the same intervals identical criteria were used

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to the nose eyes throat stomach skin and nervous system oc

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obtained from any specific brain region. Such a window

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that the central authority should give its responsibility in

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identified perfectly typical organisms between these types are a world

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As to the question of the period of limitation it is obvious that

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has incited or aided attempts at legislation the wis

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mode with the statement that recovery followed without a bad

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flow of liquid contents of the small intestine into the colon.

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ing with people toward identifiable goals. She looks forward

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conclude that the morbid condition of the blood is of a toxical character.

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Our rapidly advancing civilization demands educated men

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