Holly & Froy’s Vintage Inspired DIY Wedding

November 26, 2010  

Today’s feature has been captured by the hugely talented Gilbert and Evans, who create “storytelling wedding photography”. There is very little I can add to that, as it perfectly describes the images you are about to see. Instead I hand you over to Bride Holly, who said of this talented duo…

“We knew that their outlook on photography was meaningful and where the final images of the day were not just to be kept in an album, but would be pieces of artwork in their own right that would be appreciated as memories of the day from a natural artistic way…

When we first got engaged I saw an Ian Stuart dress in a wedding magazine that I loved but kept my mind open. I went on a girlie trip with my mum and bridesmaids to try on dresses and I wanted this dress to be the first I tried on, despite trying on others nothing came near to how I felt in this dress. I appreciated every detail of it and was so happy that I went for it; it was perfect and was so in keeping with the venue also.

Bridesmaid dresses were initially seen during a shopping trip with my Mum, I was looking for a vintage inspired dress and these were perfect with their 20’s layers. I got all my bridesmaids together to try them on and they looked fab and loved them, so this part was sorted straight away! I gained inspiration from a picture in a fashion campaign for the accessories and loved the layers of pearls, so a pearl theme was born for the jewellery.

The hair we all did ourselves and my bridesmaid and I made the hair clips using vintage jewellery, pearls and beads, I loved this so much that I plan to continue making them! I loved the look of the bird cage veil and had ordered an extra rose which was used on the dress; my mum made this for me (and in fact made 4 of different lengths for me to choose from!), I wore this for the ceremony and afternoon tea party which added to the vintage theme and then changed to an art deco inspired head piece and larger pearl studs for the evening!

We are both very creative people and I am constantly making things. We wanted the wedding to reflect our personality and make it a day that was totally unique and personal to us. Therefore a lot of the elements of the day were made by us and friends and family. All the women got a lavender heart favour which I had made from silk and liberty fabric, all were different with vintage buttons and pearls used for decoration and a label that read our wedding date and names. I had sourced 1940s cabochon roses from the States and these were used on the save the date cards and the table place cards, for the men antique buttons were used. I made a little invitation pack which included a little map sewn onto different backing paper (Froy thought I was mad when I went on the hunt for a certain colour gold thread!). I wanted everything to look beautiful and despite talking months to make and setting fire to several envelopes when adding a finishing touch of a wax seal, I am so glad I made them all!

I was adamant on making large sugar roses to go on the afternoon tea party cup cakes and on our main wedding cake and bought numerous books and equipment and took an evening course in cake decorating to help, I spent the evenings in the run up to the wedding making the large roses and leaves. I also had the help from my bridesmaids in making the cupcakes with the little white flowers which we spent a productive afternoon making!  My mum made the bunting and Froy’s mum made the bag for the rings, so everyone was involved in making personal touches to the day.

We had a vintage inspired tea party in the afternoon with garden games and I spent over a year sourcing antique cups and saucers, side plates, cake stands (I now have 22!) and other crockery.

We held our ceremony in St Bartholomew’s church in Much Marcle. We had looked at a few venues which offered civil ceremonies, however they did not hold the atmosphere or sense of occasion that we felt when we walked into St Bartholomew’s which is a stunning church with so much history.

We held our celebration at Hellens Manor. We were searching in the area of Herefordshire for our wedding venue and spent ages driving around on the hunt for a perfect place. We weren’t keen to go for a hotel and wanted something a little more unique which proved much harder to find! My Mum mentioned that she had been to some lovely gardens and that they hired the great barn, so we went to visit. Froy was happy with the donkey that was staring at us when we pulled into the car park and as we walked around and discovered little cute places and sculptures we fell in love with it.

The venue offered the history, the uniqueness and a place where we were given complete freedom to put our own mark on every part of the day and do exactly as we pleased (there aren’t many places where they allow you to have candles in a 15th century barn!).

We had a meal and dancing in the Great Barn in the evening, with the side barn used for a film projection and the veranda housed the men’s whiskey and cigar session!

Our wedding day was the most wonderful day of our lives and it would be impossible to single out parts of the day as our favourites, every part of the entire day from waking up in the morning and reading the card that Froy had written for me, to exchanging our vows with our family and friends beside us, to drinking tea in tea cups sourced over the last year and eating cup cakes made my us, to dancing to our first song.

It was wonderful and it is so lovely looking at all our photos of our closest friends and family with smiles on their faces. We would not change a thing and we want to re-live every moment of it over and over again which we can do in our beautiful images!”

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I adore this couple…Not only have Gilbert and Evans captured the feel of the wedding beautifully, but Holly and Froy have really celebrated themselves. This is what excites me as a wedding and design fiend, as it firmly stamps so much personality on their special day – you really get a sense of what makes them tick.

And just to add to my Holly and Froy appreciation, I wanted to give you all the chance to read about Froy’s proposal. Brace yourself ladies…for Froy has actually taken the time to write an account of how he proposed to Holly! You can read this lovely tale on the Gilbert and Evans blog, here. All together now *swoon*


3 Responses to “Holly & Froy’s Vintage Inspired DIY Wedding”
  1. emmaBphotography says:

    Ooooooh what a gorgeous wedding! I want those teacups! :)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Emma. They’re my favourite detail too…and the cute home-made cakes!

  3. Perdita says:

    What an adorable wedding! I love this type of photography, almost like a journal in images. My husband and I chose a candid, storytelling style like this one…not so many posed and ‘still life’ shots of the dress, cake, rings but rather people doing and making the day.

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