Emma and Simon’s Winter Wonderland Wedding

March 11, 2011  

With the days getting longer and darling buds springing into bloom, it might be hard to cast your mind back to our crisp, cold Winter…not so for this couple, who had the Winter wedding Bride Emma had always dreamed of!

Not only has photographer Lucy Shergold captured the day beautifully, with its crisp palette and hazy charm, but the happy couple Emma and Simon adopted the truly great and truly British mantra ‘keep calm and carry on’. This wedding is stylish, personal and oh so pretty…

“On the morning of the big day I was woken by my sister at 5am to tell me to look out the window…. I couldn’t believe my eyes (I know I had a bottle the night before but still!) The ground was thick with crisp white snow. Trees, cars everywhere were covered and it was beautiful…

Come 8am reality kicked in and there was no way any cars could get up our road. Me, my sister and my other bridesmaid put on our wellies and trecked to the hairdressers. Then on to my friends house to get ready.She lives just up the road from the church so was lovely of her to offer for me, my bridesmaids, mum, dad, baby George and the photographer to make a mess of her house!

I was greeted at the church with a bagpiper- a surprise from Simon (we’re not Scottish but I love the sound). I was overwhelmed to see the church almost full. I honestly didn’t know what to expect giving the weather. Once at the reception, people were greeted with a glass of steaming mulled wine.

People who know my husband Simon, would be aware of his slang language e.g. courting (?!) in his sense means hello and ‘plenty’ usually thrown in at the end of a sentence- there are many more so it made sense to name our tables after his unusual sayings!! I wanted to put my touch on the table decorating so I used fir cones individually painted to put the place sitting cards in and we used a caricature picture of ourselves to go on the table name card.Our evening entertainment was The Incomparable Jeri Hart, we first heard him busking in Exeter and booked him there and then.

Due to the snow setting, we had to leave our reception early. Help was on hand and another venue for the evening reception was found The Royal hotel in Bideford. The staff were extremely helpful and laid on food and a disco. All the offered help with people with 4×4′s, people turning up in their wellies, being able to get ready at my friends…made the day was so exciting because you just didn’t know what to expect!

We wanted a white wedding and we certainly got one. It was truly magical.”

Huge congratulations to Simon, Emma and their two boys, Charlie and George…thanks so much for sharing xx

Credits: Venue, St Marys Church Bideford; Reception, Merry Herriers; Dress, Frilly Frocks Barnstaple; Hair, A Cut Above; Photographer, Lucy Shergold Photography


2 Responses to “Emma and Simon’s Winter Wonderland Wedding”
  1. Dawn Davidson says:

    Those photo’s are stunning! It looks like a real winter wonderland…I LOVE the brides fur coat! x

  2. Chris says:

    Great captures. Capturing wedding dresses in the snow can be a nightmare but these photos have been shot beautifully

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