A Pagan Wedding with Ivy…and Robots!

January 13, 2012  

Today’s wedding is just about as boho as you can get. A free thinking Bride and Groom who tore up the rule-book and had celebrated their wedding, their way – brilliant. Bride Jen has written such a detailed description of their wedding I need not ramble on…enjoy!

“I had never planned to get married and I really didn’t want a traditional wedding – at all, whereas Gavin did. We spent a lot of time coming to a plan which would suit both of us.

The theme of our wedding was Robots & Ivy When Gavin and I first got together he wouldn¹t let me round his house for ages and ages. I began to think there was a horrible, deep, dark secret, but it turned out he has a collection of robots, was worried that I would run away from him in horror! As for the Ivy, well I am somewhat of a tree-hugging hippy and have been somewhat obsessed with ivy for quite some time. In Celtic mythology it symbolises fidelity, wedded bliss and friendship.

I live in jeans and docs and when I went to try on a wedding dress (I felt that I had to) I just burst into tears. Well that was that. My mum found a dressmaker for me, and she was great – Kerry at Very Me. She found out what I was most comfortable in (aside from my jeans) and then we went from there. We also wanted to make my outfit potentially wearable in the future again – so it is a top, skirt and coat.

As a Pagan, it was really important to me that everything was as low-impact as possible, all of the flowers were grown locally and the food was all sourced from local farms and shops, I made lots of the decorations myself (with the help of some friends) and a friend made the amazing cake. I made 175 meters of bloody bunting and Gavin made the robot cake topper.

The handfasting was an important part and although Gavin isn’t Pagan he liked the symbolism of the ceremony a great deal. Two of my closest friends wrote and did the ceremony and even included some geeky science in the form of the pouring of the water from the two springs in Glastonbury into a single chalice becoming “entangled particles” which could not now be separated.

We wanted the day to be as relaxed as possible – we are not formal people and so we had blankets and wine outside. Photographer Hayley Ruth did an amazing job of capturing the relaxed spirit. We were very lucky with the weather – it had rained almost solidly for most of July, but it was a beautiful day, so we were able to spend most of the day outside.

I loved the day, although my word of advice to anyone is to have someone running the show on the day. It maybe because I have organised so many events (and I am a control freak), but I spent the whole day dealing with suppliers and doing things, rather than relaxing and enjoying it. Having said that I was not expecting to have such a great day – Gavin and I really enjoyed ourselves!”

Photographer Hayley has also written a lovely description of the day on her blog with even more lovely pics!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx


6 Responses to “A Pagan Wedding with Ivy…and Robots!”
  1. my honest answer says:

    Sarah, I love this wedding! It’s great to see people just being -themselves- on a wedding day, go boho bride!

  2. admin says:

    Fab isn’t it?! I love it when Brides & Grooms make confident choices based on what they want – not what’s expected xx

  3. Jen says:

    I am glad you like – we were indeed ourselves on the day!

  4. Kerry J Tuckett says:

    Thanks to Irene for picking up the phone, and to Jen for believing I could deliver HER wedding dream outfit!

  5. admin says:

    Congrats on such a wonderful day! X


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