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its origin, in some poor Hindoo, on the banks of the Ganges,
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more discrimination and care, both as to the number of leeches you
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theory involved in this plan of treatment was set forth had unfor-
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just quoted. Some of my cases were certainly caused
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disease has furnished data by which it is possible to define the anatomical
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bomidaiy of the redness, at the line where the soft palate becomes the
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or downstream. At the time of the epidemic the intake for the water
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been brought against the convict authorities. The very reverse
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phum and other infant diet materials. But not all physicians
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(Folium nelumbinis), Job’s tears ( Semen coicis), eliminating exces-
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tend to augment the discharge and to soften the corneal tissue, favouring the
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meningitis. There are certain facts which seem to show that in very
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As soon as it was really dark our fellow student Gallotus guided
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temporary nature of this shift is important; since they are
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nourished but very anemic. There was slight edema of
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and if the heart be feeble and irregular, some stimulant and cardiac tonics
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" Volunteers " it is stated that the adjutant, the sergeant-major,
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vessels of the tuft sometimes rupture, and Bowman's capsule becomes filled with
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host of cancer, is peculiarly susceptible to inocula-
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had syphilis three and a half years before the birth of the patient ;
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the isolation of Streptococcus JuBmolyticus frem ancient dental root
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least are employed. The dressing is composed of several
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Inflammation of the kidneys was then pronounced to be the
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cations of turpentine constitute an eligible means of revulsion over iha abdomen
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Currie on this subject, entitled Medical Reports on the Effects of Water,
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in an indirect manner, brought on a most violent convulsion, which
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pital it so happened that almost no new Igeon, and as a skilful physician.
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boring a slumbering volcano which may burst into activity upon the
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about their jobs in Dogpatch and that asking questions
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generation, which alone might be the means of dissemination of
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was no great difference in the size of its two poles. In another
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new members are required. Failure to participate means loss of the 25% reduction in premiums
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the point that quinidin is notably a cardiac depressent in the sense that
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