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Diseases. — The maladies discussed by H. Rosin are of such
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and to the under surface of the Bauchstiel, in the way I have
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blood-vessels, particularly in those of the glomeruli, to which it usuallx
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While not certainly demonstrated in the thrombi near the
diffusion in adequate strength is not to be expected from
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Encyclopaedia " were also written by Lawrence, some of them
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Specimen of Polypus of the Tonsil removed from a Female
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required to be correlated he would state in the following order: (1) Microbic
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even in small quantities. A stomach-tube passed into the eso-
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disease, or upon other parts of the body, that such
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" dyspragia intermittens angio- sclerotica intestinalis." If it were chiefly
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organs, such as the genito-urinary organs and heart, may produce it.
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the feelings of affectionate regard which surround the memory
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administratiou of the arsenic antidote should be followed
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Congenital hydrocephalus may be compatible with life for ten or fifteen
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in Leukaemia." "The Pathology of the Erythrocyte," "The
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bronchitis; in asthma; in the early stage of pneumonia ; and
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duration, the incidence of clinically disabling spondylitis is
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scribed spirituous fomentations, an ointment to be rubbed in,
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may be increased gradually as the attack subsides, [l.f.a.]
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mixed with sugar. He was then seized with inflammation of the sCacl and
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junctiva? very yellow. Abdomen flaccid, resonant, not sensitive to pressure.
olmesartan medoxomil/amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide fixed-dose combination in hypertension
probe was introduced into the cavity of the joint. The probe was then forced through the
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better than if more active treatment were pursued, provided the pa-
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Comment: Diabetes was discovered in this patient six months before the
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those occasionally found and the tumors in which they occurred, and this,
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the finger in the rectum a valuable one. He always en-
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Scarlet fever is not air-borne; at least the radius of infection is limited
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aimed at was in no sense as serious or "as important as that of the
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deplete, and can never replenish the vital exchequer.
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nize the classes of people who are especially liable to the develop-
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ish Medical yournal, the announcement that an old San-
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This little red-head, " Burnin' shame " they call him, Dr.
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this formidable operation to the beneficial agency of this potent
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This is not a difficult position to place the woman in, it does
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at the commencement. During forty-eight minutes the ether was continued
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attempts to make water often, passes out and draws in the
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