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Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System. Delivered
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laity by the family physician as a potent means for the jire-
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constipation give rise to little or no inconvenience, it is better to wait
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In the case of Webb v. Page (< Carrington and Kirwan's Reports,' p. 23)
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In endo-appendicitis I base my opinion largely on the attack lasting
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the placental lobule, thus establishing a nervous commu-
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"Since the cases above referred to, together with the two re-
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and Library, number for March, 1863, seem to me to be sound, and I would com-
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ing five or six hundred eases of disease of tlie cere-
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and the high pressure of the pneumothorax depresses the diaphragm
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in ordinary septic processes, where the polynuclear cells show a decided
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thing may occur ; the most common form, however, is that of
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minutes, the breathing being stertorous and the sopor
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twenty-eight, from whom, eighteen years before, a goitrous
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vincial registration movement impossible. He wanted higher edu-
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the intestines is not impaired a physical appearance of well-being is often
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this subject, nor adopt my view with reference to it,
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nutritional repletion prior to immunologic Induction. Ann
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or four times a day, alternating it in most cases with a five
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hyposulphite of soda for both the sick one and the well one, and
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when once done is not as likely to be reproduced as in those
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known, there is great difficulty in maintaining the flexed condition of
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philic granules at one pole or show scattered azure granules. A large
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(64:), Vernonia Seeds (3736), or Papaw Juice (295).
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ment w'as continued for about ten weeks, the child gaining flesh and
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Until December 8th tliis maximum dose of sixty drops was continued ; after
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Marseilles recently adopted the ultra-violet rays to purify its water