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tion upon the cheek and neck in a boy of twelve, so profuse as to
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drosis of the palms. Dr. Ewing replied that the condition
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AVith the disappearance of the epidemic a slight diminution in the
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ehows that even at the earUest stages of the disease there is a marked
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Rociety, by a resolution to that effect, passed at its
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adjacent parts. The following case, which I first saw
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present a more or less typical clinical picture, by which the condition can
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ride. To be enabled to draw experimental conclusions, the author de-
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swelling of both discs, the arteries tortuous, and the veins
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Surgical Pathology— T. H. Manlry, M.D., New York,
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coccus in order that its intracellular bacterial enzymotic power
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affected with chronic inflammatory eye-disease, and
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into two stages, myasthenia with stagnation, the stomach slowly emptying itself
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always be prescribed. The bichloride may be given internally, or recourse
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whole blood to our preliminary treatment in a considerable proportion
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feared would result from exposure during the Fall Festival,
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notably divided into two sacs, an internal sac that is confined
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chectic form of ostitis is ushered in ; and such a i unchecked, suppuration and the death of the bone
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blood banks. The blood banking facilities of the Upper Midwest area are
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five minims, hyp. stat. Trinity pill. No. i, every hour.
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serf, and by his ignorance causing the death of his patient was
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January 20, 1864. A question having arisen as to the use of
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injured person, whether dying or dead, it will be out of his power to meet
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tending to the middle line {a b c). Hochenegg modi-
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ficers were elected: Mrs. Dorothy Hayden, Gate City, re-
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into a synthetic recommended as a salvarsan substitute.
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treated, often for four or five days, with astringents. DiaiThoea
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for disease, literally, is only a deviation from the stan
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chronic dysentery it is often a good thing to change
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been an injury. On the other side, of course, it is rather more apparent,
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the nuclei of GoU and Burdach do pass iftto a field con-
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a transverse incision through the raucous membrane only. The flap is
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