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Why should not the medical profession, and particularly
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Thorburn, Bray, Moore and Thornton, have heretofore shown a deep interest in this question ;
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to me by Mr. Curry that the committee would listen to any defence which I would wish
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Secretary-Treasurer, J. W. Hassler, M. D., New York City.
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the evidence on this inquiry before the committee been submitted to Mr. Curry and to Mr.
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the Institute delegates, and the week was full of pleasure. On
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to them would soon produce serious results. But in spite of this,
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views concerning the origin of amyloid bodies differ, falling readily
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chin must be extended, thus narrowing the foramen magnum,
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93 Carlton Street, Toronto, for unprofessional conduct in a professional respect, the facts of
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official capacity it is necessary that a by-law appointing them shall be introduced making
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course, that the Governor in Council licensed them, but the degrees that these various
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4. That it is impossible for obvious reasons to give all classes
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and still believes that the granting of Product Patents on medicinal sub-
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does not know who did it, but he does know he has been turned down ; instead of knowing
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later he was enabled to demonstrate similar changes in the nerve
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