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sarily embarrassed by the extensive chemical analysis of the

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The Preventive Treatment of Purulent Ophthalmia in the

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With the information to be gained ante-mortem I think we must

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I am often reminded in listening to the arguments for and

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attacks would last three or four days, and then pass away leaving a dull

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The instrument consists of a glass cylinder four inches in length, half an

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be controlled, reduced, eliminated and the means and methods

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superimposed columns of blood to fall in large measure upon the

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seldom has the privilege of giving physical vent to anger, an emotion

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matically. The patient smoked a cigar during the operation.

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tempts to limit our functions will be null and void. We in the pro-

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nations, that this relation does exist, as I have verified it many times

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lustreless. Having relieved the condition by nicking the ring,

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where her blood had been tested and a one-plus Wassermann ob-

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As the matter stands to-day, the disease is sufficiently well defined to

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seen to offer the control which is necessary to remove the state's

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We took her up to the operating room and opened the abdomen, made a

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Dr. D. Hayes Aqnew, in a brief article on this subject ( University Medical

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its harmlessness. — Revue Medicale de la Suisse Bomande, February 20, 1890.

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surance for the downtrodden people of New York State. For

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"You must arise to the occasion and do this treating. Don't

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but the theory of the dependence upon chemical analysis for the quality

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through reflex nerve action, have accounted for the freedom from

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certainly in this state, has the feeling been so intense about any

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cat," but without the illustrations above these sentences, our educa-

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In a criticism upon Glockner's cases, Schultze admits the accuracy of

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any case determines the particular variety of the disease, such as the cephalic,