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and death of the tissues, and, secondarily, to its invasion by organisms.
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Stage 2. — Here the accused person, if found by the jury to be insane
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In more stably constituted communities the destruction of the governing
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as sometimes attending the advent of the disease, may persist ; the
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(4) Poikilocytosis. Many of the cells are not circular. The
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The proper provision for chronic dements is a question of the greatest
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I concluded that it is with the malaria parasite as with the filaria ; that
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i2mo. Cloth. Colored Plates, pp. x + 442. Price jS 2.00 net.
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some alteration in the most developed parts of the fore-brain.
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infrequently as being heard inside the head in the centre of a line joining
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the poor lady and her husband was very touching. I be-
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(a) Four and one-half milliliters of blood, withdrawn rap-
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result of sweat-retention. Mr. Hutchinson's lecture on the subject, de-
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also writes : " For me ' pruritus ' is the symptom common to all forms of
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application of an epidermic graft, either immediately or after the estab-
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Bevan Lewis that the alcoholism was almost exclusively limited to the
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infrequently hear of patients being ordered to take long voyages, to
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pious he was a man who cured by the power of faith ; and he
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Table IV. — (50,000 Children seen 1892-94). Showing Percentage of
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370 ; Med. Press and Circ. London, 1894, N.S. vol. lviii. p. 279 ; Lehrbuch der
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At times the patches, especially behind the ears and on the hands,
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may be put through the routine of washing or ashing,
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ber throughout the tubing. If, in working with thin tubing, the
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condition of things here mentioned is very considerable. There are
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period may be only a few days, or more commonly two to eight
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might be called "automatic motor misery." The facial expression of
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without diarrhoea. It has been variously regarded as a pemphigus
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cared for nothing but the pursuits and operations of his lab-
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thesia, or paralysis ; and this may aid in the diagnosis from certain other
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Gaddesden is described, and in the smaller London of those
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pointed cauteries at a dull heat. Paquelin's apparatus, or preferably a
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cramp of the leg. Doubtless the assumption of an unnatural and strained
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duration of the disease is very variable ; the majority of cases take
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sensory. Possibly the upper layer may exercise an inhibitory control
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even the exclusive study of poetry or art, are not advisable. And, to
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area and area are more or less seriously implicated, so as to produce
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Whether any near relative has been afflicted with insanity Names,
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exist when the changes in the skin are first noticed, they are pretty
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and made no progress. Questions were answered slowly, and there was
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