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to diminish the amplitude of the vibrations, and consequently to moderate
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walls, etc. While this may be true, it is a curious fact that the
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art of disputation. They confounded each other, and confused
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the same proportion. I was unable to procure Ager water so fresh,
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delivered before and two subsequently to her admission. To
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tific life, and less reluctance in making admission that there
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centers for particular and peculiar functions — ^the control of the
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models illustrative of the eczematous affections, which had been added to the
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To what extent w'e are justified in including cases occurring in the
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posteriorly* The spleen was large, and very soft. The bladder
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From the ill success of these means to subdue local inflam-
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but incessant headache, with nausea and occasional vomiting. Her tempera-
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attention to the tendency of calcification to appear around
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and slow. Second aortic is accentuated. Signs of fluid in the abdomen.
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He, as one of its members, indorsed every word they contained,
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toms. Yet, in spite of his humane teachings, lunatics were
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There is a considerable diversity of opinion upon this
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honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon
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spirits, proving, incontestably, that alcohol is fuod. To him it was aqua-vita.
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ter. If, as the author seems to hope, the book is bought by
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So eminent a surgeon as the late C. Fenger, of Chicago, took a ver)'
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by certain chronic complaints and certain diatheses, as chronic alcoholism,