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The limit of compensatory mechanism is soon reached however.

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ively, seventeen and twenty-three years. They were both

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draws attention to the fact that it comes on slowly and by

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peculiar, so precisely synchronous with the heart's action, that tliere was

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ness and interest to all genuine students of psychological

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thelioma. Jt is well established that epithelioma com-

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the remainder, many are kindly and comfortably taken care of at home, or

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is very rare. Nothing is known of its immediate causes.

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in getting something in five minutes, which it may take weeks

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stood with it in the manger, resting on the under jaw ; fore legs

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proceed firom reduced energy of the pneumogastric as fix)m ovei^excite-

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temple. The pain in these cases broods, as it were, over the

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which continued its work. In a year or more I was brought

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license to practise medicine or surgery issued pursuant to

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Contribution by Drs. Herbert Fox and David L. Farley, from the William Pepper

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wounds or bruises himself, besides being confined alone, he

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Peters" observations extended over 77 cases, and included

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and even weeks after mounting the slightest force will

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For the cure of Consumption, Scrofula, Rheumatism, &c. The medicinal vir-

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When sulphm-ic ether was first employed as an anesthetic in this

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larynx just above the vocal cords. Writers are not agreed as to whether

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than may be accounted for by the influence of prevail-

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except fracture of one condyle, there will be short-

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The Therapeutic Action of Organic j Rectal Injections of Creosote in Phthisis 593

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ing the milk. Besides the demonstration, little talks are given,

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ages research programs to develop "new techniques, systems, and

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towards increasing the military rather than the civil powers of

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vessels. Often, however, the submucosa shows dense collections

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ture of, 132 ; character of beat of, 287 ; investigation

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wonder is that neuritis as a consequence of parturition

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cell, of low vitality, incapable of development into healthy

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Medicine on Tuesday. Both past and present pupils assembled

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Cells,' was carried on under the direction of Dr. Victor

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more than 1 year ; girl, 6 years. Paraplegia, anestneala Including;

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