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However this may be, the question which here concerns

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back of the eye, can be seen with the ophthalmoscope.

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therefore can not deny the function of the endocardium for produc-

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not uncommonly found in the young dying of various diseases.

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pressions made by the sutures. It is a perfect cast of

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Sig. — Apply several times daily by means of a camel's-hair brush.

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tenderness in the knee. He had been accustomed to walk with

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" Another patient was a young man, whose mother had died from pthisis.

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desiring to rid themselves of the itch, applied vigorously to their

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cases in which this operation was employed were fol-

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manner of heating or lighting. Improvement has been

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Our lives are not for a day, not for the few poor years allotted to

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ies should examine associations between water chlorina-

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glucose tolerance during pregnancy— Long-term effects on obesity and glucose

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weak or anaemic from overwork, from want of fresh air, or

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and served without " seasoning," is doubtless prcfera-

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During the last 3 or 4 years there has been collected a

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trephining. It is a permanent symptom only when the visual tract has been

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^ oz., copperas 1 oz., nutgalls and extract of logwood 4 ozs.

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ties, low delirium in some cases, and the intellect remaining clear in other

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rosemary 2 dr. (dissolved in 1 oz. rectified spirit), clarified

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than a month from the time of injury or loss of vision

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excellent recovery, though the metritic attack was a marked one,

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The following course of treatment was adopted, which succeeded in

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from stricture ; from enlargement of the prostate ; or even from the

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to meet the requirements of the British Medical Act of

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pleadings of bereft thousands, the wail of the ever present

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multiples du foie, de la rate et du rein droit chcz un jeiine

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time there was no dillictilty in recognizing the right

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nancy. I was of the opinion that she had some inflammatory trouble