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since, nursed both children until they were 16 months old, and has

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zinc, iron, and arsenic, should be given after meals,

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XL Hydrocephalus and Hydborrhachis (Gerehral and Spinal

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phosphorus." He proposes as " a specific remedy, the use of a prepara-

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can neither, iu the one case, restore to soundness the

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tain the ferment. This has been successfully accom-

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a rapid recovery. Dr. C. S. Jewett emphasized the neces-

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stimulated in consequence of hemorrhoids, intestinal stenosis,

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extent for health-guards, &c.; and the same thing was repeated,

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and they frequently present cranial deformities, irregu-

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41. Epiphoi'a. — Mr. W. White Cooper expresses the opinion {Lancet, June

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admirable example, and one of the first of its kind,

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of human tribimals," and that to assume that you must ascer-

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of 1875, ^^^s practically invariable, and deviation from

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apparent to every one) difference in diathesis requiring different reme-

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12 ; but in one case headache and pains in the muscles

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there are in Texas a good many physicians who have had

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and which he ought (in justice to the medical literature of our

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the pulse, it is agreed by all writers that alcohol is one of the best remedies.

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increased resistance to the blood-current and the cardiac systole is

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curious that Celsus, the most elegant of medical authors,

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nearly the same height for at least three eveaings, and in

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a necrotic pancreas^ and a small stone in the diverticulum of Vater^

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appeared (November 8) I gave him a hypodermic injection of half

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and Pittsburg. Mr. Espy's main object is, by the aid of diagrams

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their activity, and as each color is but a part of the spectrum

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suddenly rise as high as iii°F., and in one case the pyrexia was

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in the simplest cases the result of mechanical dis-

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Emetine — ^Dr. E. G. Moore, Elm City. Discussion opened by Dr. C. S. Smith,

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tation and Excision contrasted. The Jacksonian Prize Essay of

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Catgut as a suture, however, is c|iiitt> another