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methods — methods which, if his claims were verified,

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American people as they moved west... most influenced

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patient comfortable. The temperature can be controlled by

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when, much to my surprise, a lot of felt wadding peeped

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fracture below the trochanter, in which it has been impos-

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loop: III. Aseptic end-to-end intestinal anastomosis and a

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effect on the corpuscles of different animals, but when a streptococcus

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' "A Descriptive Catalogue of the Anatomical and Pathological Museum of St. Bar-

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it subsides, practically never leaves any deformity or limitation in func-

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ly round body of about one third the size of the fist. It stood

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so far the experience gained by years of service on the great

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States' arranged alphabetically by states and cities or towns,

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may be employed with no avail. If, for example, the practi-

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AVest Africa as an intermediary host for F. bancrofti, but not

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and are motivated enough to deal with responsibility for preventive medicine

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redness of the lymphatic vessels and glands in relation with them.

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joint and surrounding tissue are much swollen, the pain becomes less

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is to ask you to retrace your steps and to assist in remedy-

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continued fevers renders it somewhat distinctive of relapsing fever. It is

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186-198. -E€lwar«l9(F.W.) Med. Rec,

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whereby the morbific poison was commonicated to the attendants,

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undergo metamorphosis in one of two directions, either organization or soften-

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sisted by Galileo's pendulum or " pusilogon." In 1707,

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granules, little knobs and threads between and on the endothelial

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no sterilizing of hands, instruments or gauze was attempted. Two

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drachm, muriate of soda a scruple, chlorate of potash 7 gr. ;

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who had had frequent attacks of biliary colic, sometimes

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Megqy, F.. M.RC.S.E., L.S.A-,atUitenhage, Port Elizabeth, South AWc*

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treatment with heroic doses of arsenic the prognosis in such

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esses reveals a remarkable tendency to sterility in those

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