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TABLE I. — Current Criteria of Vitamin C Status of
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such a small proportion of this series of over 300 cases
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best cancer centers, except possibly in some experi-
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renal cortical function since a few infants die in spite
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lege, Oiicago, 1900 ; aged 63 ; died, February 14, of
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pressure is analyzed by gain or loss in weight since
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This project was also initiated by Drs. Clow’es and
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the radiologist. These country folks will not go to the
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riod 01 life. They do not consist solely in an accumulation of
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ever, opinions as to tlie origin and nature of skin
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A second point which is likely to be raised relates
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mittee, and today we are very fortunate indeed in having someone who can speak
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years 5 months at 50 ; 14 years and 3 months at 60 ; 8 years and 3
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of 218 pages, illustrated. New York, Josiah Mac}'-,
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essential to the diagnosis. The only symptoms of un-
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to the acquisition of knowledge, we think /ar superior ; which
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• In hypertension, management can now be started in the
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females and young animals, it is covered with hair, but in adult males is
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ficers was held at this time but there was insufficient
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or for minor infections. Furthermore, as with certain other drugs,
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nothing, for the restoration of the body to health, in regard to
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Investments — U.S. and Other Obligations at Cost (Market Value
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Among these are the increased number of ph}^sicians
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with entertaining hypochondriacal or imaginary sensations and
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until it destroys the life of the person in whom it grows.
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5,020,000 per cu. mm., and white blood cells 14,800
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uteri, about the size of a 12 weeks’ pregnant uterus. A
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pital. . .Dr. Richard L. Schafer, senior physician at the
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transferred to what seemed its ^lore appropriate place in the
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But not to prolong this subject, we would remark that any
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ing problem for such patients by the use of weighted
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♦ Dosage governed only by response to potent anti-
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The Bureau cooperated with these societies by send-
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gery for many years and he is one of the surgeons who
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F. M. Pottenger, Monrovia, Calif. ( Journal A. M. A.,
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range of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, including bacteria
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or, if he is living in his own home, his functional
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arrangement actually goes into effect, much will be
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knowledge of bacteriology and serology and the other
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Hospital, “Rehabilitative Aspects of a Local Medi-
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some of the German clinics, for prophylactic use against