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Conrad Hubertus was the author of: Historia de Vita, etc., Martini Buceri et Paulli Fagii et

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nitrate used in the prophylactic treatment of ophthalmia

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endorsements, except ff. 21 v°., 29 v 0 ., 39 v°.

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This MS. has been collated with two other MSS., " D " and " H," and the divergences (mainly

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Begins (2, 8 [f. 17] r°. lines 1, 2): Canon incessiones Anguium | C [rubricated initial]

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V. 4. 10, is the following: Nicolaus [an obliteration] seu | Prepositus vixit circiter a.c. 1198 |

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talking. They need to encourage the participants to talk to each other, share personal experiences and stories, try out

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At a public commencement, held in the Chapel of Morrison

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which put a stopjto the loss of blood. After the fourth dose was