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" Such facts have long been familiarly known; the a[)parent trans-
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The finding by Wise of spirochaetes resembling Treponema pallidum
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teria and thus render the milk more healthful. The process con-
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Steele, J. M., Surgeon. Detached from the Marine Rendez-
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March 4: Leukocyte count, 9,000. Smear shows spirilla.
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studied five years in the schools of England and Scotland,
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To illustrate the scope of this portion we take, at random, gum-
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has always been recognized by surgeons, and a blood dressing, before
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travelier, is the author of the memoir in question, and we must
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that " in summer, the marshes at the head of the port exhale
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had occasionally suffered severely from gastralgia. The liniment was applied,
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almost completely covered with thick crusts in the form
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French writer on clinical medicine, recommended the use of cigarettes by
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William MacLure : " Give's another shake of your hand, Mac-
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was given and the child brought with all haste to my
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The first business was the appointment of a Business
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and boraginaceaj), grapes, and fruits, and whey. All
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was followed by a fever — the result, in the opinion of
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muscles whereby their normal equable tonic contraction is disturbed and
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sion of the offending body. Cauchois found in a woman,
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(November 29, 1917) 15 grs. of quinine intramuscularly. The
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ing wound of the head without infection of the meninges
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led to medical legislation and medical organization. The move toward improve-
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treatment in a paper read before the Soci^-ty last year, giving
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Menstruation appeared at the regular time, and was moderate in quantity ; and
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the animals it affects are mostly those which, from their
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as that of the last motion. The bladder was emptied with the first
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fast Royal Hospital. Dr. Lindsay has strong local claims on
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totally untenable ; but, on the other hand, if it be only
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cian that the patient is incurably ill and indigent.
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Lithographic Ink. 1. Lasteyrie's : Dried soap 1 oz. j melt,
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wounds, are similar to those which have been examined in relation to other
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familiarity with many morbid processes, general and local, with their
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sue through you a cordial invitation to the members
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Ordinarily, the blood and skin act as a cooling system like
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sewage and the surface drainage. A strict patrol of the catchment