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place February loth. Present, Dr. C. N. D. Jones and

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of blood is a result of an undue determination of blood to the part ; in

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report relative to emigrant lodging-houses which are also

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shorter time, and that absolute agalactia does not exist. Yet despite

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continued for two years or over, the outlook is not good. It fa a curious fact

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hautes temperatures compatibles avec la vie de la gie-

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swell. Sometimes an eruption, resembling lichen, or eczema, instead

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his thirst are normal, but yet he experiences a certain weakness, put down

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ment. At that time the testis was three times as large as

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years old, who, while under the influence of alcohol, swallowed about an

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little that is new, have contended variously for the importance or primacy

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other than their own arbitrary estimate of what the child ought to

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the last twenty-four hours." I could not but think,

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which he terms the gray mosquito, had fed on -the blood of

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as sources of energy or matter for the organism. Some of them, to be

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preparations made from one of the left femoral glands show fewer

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other conditions the x-ray gives the positive evidence which could

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At the Columbus meeting of the Association Dr. Joseph M. Mathews, in

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fever and a pulse irregular, excessively rapid, thready and without

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not enter, the peritoneum. If it does not enter the

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normal; but even this symptom may be absent since, in the lower

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as follows : Liver, 166 ; lungs, 42 ; kidneys, 30 (Davaine). The disease is

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"One is then under no obligation," continues our author,

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Horse serum, when injected into normal guinea pigs, causes no

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excavation, formed by the external tunic of the Graafian follicle.

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until the temperature falls to normal if the reaction be slight, or for

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operations should never be entrusted to lay hands, and

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a mild form has occurred in the hot and wet months ; it has yielded to alter-

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which she herself has been delivered, or for a mole which may have passed

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•one suffering from senile mental changes, is likely to be idiotic or un-

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Dr. Bigelow ; their own condemnation is stamped so deep

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