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In the tabular statements to which I have alluded, the symptoms are

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bleeding. Insanity following parturition, other things being

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the epiglottic muscles and the constrictors of the pharynx are palsied,

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herniag are reducible with the help of anaesthesia, though

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in the first or second enema. If necessary, the enema may be rei)eatedi

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is stated ly Forebtus, (Optra, Lib. vi. ob. i. Scli. fol. ed. Tom. I. 202). He lays

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ders of micturition, which attract attention to the kidneys. The fever

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then a case will need longer treatment. In most cases

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hands much increased. There is marked enlargement of the feet,

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plan has been adopted at one asylum in Great Britain.

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carbohydrate tolerance test was made February 25 and March 10, 1916, respec-

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to ascertain the correct family history and give it due weight both

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between the gray and white matter of the brain, thickening of the arteries,

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Mastfjnho' ^^""^ 't^'^^^t^^^ life-history of the parasitic

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grasping the organ and pushing it up. The kidney is not per-

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*' for 250, with its many arbitrary and complicated subdivi-

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which have an evil influence on all its cells, and thus so lower their power

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tion. The twelfth century produced the famous Averroes

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nine per cent, of all the fractures of the tibia and fibula,

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instance given, this is r.ather to afford the option of one or

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confirmed, the organization surgeon responsible for sending the case

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■nnpleasant collection of symptoms which constitutes what is

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reason of the fat included, afford many more calories without

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5. Circulatory System. — Functional cardiac disturbances are not un-

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denutrition, the drained life-power, and the disap-

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members and officers. A lot of credit belongs to the

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of the cases that occurred in that year, and of these the data, as a

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aided by a raised imagination, as nothing very extraordinary

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men in America? Statistics gathered in 1883,' showed

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ticular reference to what can he done locally, where

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"Cases Presenting Permanent Febrility with Tubercle

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Dr. Alfred Blalock to repair a congenitally damaged heart.

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cases. At the Moorfields Ophthalmic Hos- known as an accomplished ophthalmic sur-

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folds are unduly wide. The muscles of the arm and forearm are

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— medical, chemical, and botanical. Indeed, excepting the diagnosis

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men, we find the liver enlaiged; but even this symptom does not