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neurons of the anterior horns of the spinal cord are the seat of the morbid
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where no such conditions apparently attend, attention should be di-
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Kernig's sign is early and constant in tetanus (Rostowzew).
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ence to this complication. I shall return later on to the further con-
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" dysentery doctors." It seems to be specially ser-
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Eclampsia — Its Etiology and Treatment," by Dr. J. T.
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The total deaths (amounting to 228) included one death from
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hours. April 4, 191.S : Tumour a third of original size. May 2, 1918:
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These rales constantly ehange in (juality, pitch, and loudness, and are
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by the isolation of the cerebral substance from the fracture
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The results of Exp. Ill, Table II also throw some light upon this question.
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local palsies are not uncommon, and that these cases may simulate
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If you will study the anatomy and then read up the Bassini operation,
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prove to be typhoid, valuable time has been gained ; if
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the case. Sometimes they are restless, disturbing their dressings ; but
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On looking over the literature of the subject, I find
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onvulsions. The respiration of the vapour of this liquid diluted with air
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came more frequent, and the skin hotter. The wine was dis-
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that the upper extremity, as a rule, is notably more paratyzed than the
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mortality from tliese diseases during any year since
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The total deaths (amounting to 228) included one death from
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the first two days and 2 or 3 grains (0.13 or 0.20 gram) each
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from duty at Fort Hancock, Texas, by Lieutenant Flagg,
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potassium preparations because of rejDorts of intestinal and gastric ulceration and bleeding
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minister immediately after the close of the sweating stage, gr. iv or v (0.25-0.3),
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'• The copious information which this work affords on
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was with his regiment at the Cape of Good Hope. He had
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body. A third case is also reported of round-celled sarcoma involving the brain,
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important to say what I have, on careful trial, ascertained to be useless
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mrlostd in indurated capsules. The two inferior lobes were emphysematous
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the Medical School “together with the executive and
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ria & Oliver). Pliila., 1900, iv, 687-703.' — Strzeiiiinski
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ful scrutiny of the facts presented and alluded to will, it
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sheaths and joints, up to compound fractures and dislocations, with
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kinsman whom it was said had died of typhus, was of the male sex. So far
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many hearts in our community, for Dr. Gibson had many friends among
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