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weakness and thinness of fibrous structures surrounding joints.
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is lost to the student because of inability to locate him at the time
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3, 1917. Dr. Dorval had been a resident of Whitehall for forty-three
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762) because of the danger of forcing septic material through
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much inflamed and covered with thick greenish pus ; the hymen
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ciated and utilized, a high degree of self-reliance that could not
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Back, pains in, very vivid, darting, boring, shifting about, and
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gastrointestinal distress, gingival hyperplasia, ecchymosis or bruising, cerebrovascular accident,
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very irregular and quite abnormal and it is possible that the high
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through other channels, such as the local board of health or
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leaving his arm at the place of the accident, went about for five
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Reiskleie beilende Eigenschaften besitzt. Phytin wurde darin entdeckt und
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‘Workers Compensation Fund legislation to radically
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atrized tuberculous cavity at the apex of the lung, or a per-
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anti-neuritic substance distributed in the tissues of the birds. This suggests
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general rules will not do, but it would be necessary to take every disease and
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intaining Beta for egg Laying or cocoons awaiting emergence and
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Adverse Reactions: Yohimbine readily penetrates the (CNS) and produces a
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takes place, but generally the sensitive and reflex paralytic dis-
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is a result or symptom only. But all intracranial hemor-
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of thirteen members: Miss Florence R. Freeman, director; Miss F. R.
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produced this injury. But even when the force is applied
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consistence was shown by the fact that some of the resistant cocoons
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itself. To the end that older graduates of the college may know better
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Temperature Max. — ^-^— After Dec. 1910 Dry bulb of Hygrometer ^—
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legs, and feet. Cover the body with blankets, leaving the
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patients could be classified and sent to base hospitals or to vari-
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gastric mucosa, after the contents have been measured.
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When a dead human body is found suspended by the neck,
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ourselves on record. The response which the Council of National Defense
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seen that the solution was quite as strongly curative as the material from
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lUiistratiuiy — Locomotor Ataxia Successfully Treateei with L'ltraA'iolet
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