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leeches should be applied at the seat of greatest pain,
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eighty-five hours, and at the date of writing it was one hundred and
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tissues the organic changes which place the case beyond the hope of cure. —
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cases with twenty-two recoveries, of whom five were tracheotomized with two deaths.
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Urethral Stone. 3. — Large stone in membranous portion of the Urethra. Between the neck of the
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leading to perforation, prolapse of the iris, and the formation of a
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pr sing all the various conipounds and crude articles
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of salicylate of soda in tonsillitis, sufficient evidence to convince
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fact, without any thing to show that the aphonia was connected with
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chance of cure, especially if the empyema is local-
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six years old, so much deranged the spine at the sciatic nervous
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with needles, or lancets ; forming round it a cordon with the
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and may be so excessive as to cause death, or it may be speedily absorbed, or may
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retroperitoneal teratomas and innocent tumors, some cases of carcinoma
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diagnosis and treatment is indispensable as a routine measure. 2.
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the main idea of which consisted in making an opening
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view may appear presumptuous, or even ridiculous. But on
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The health and well-being of at least 1,000,000 Americans depends upon their dis-
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Christian Scientists insist that they have their own ideas about
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the onset of septicaimic plague is such that the patient re-
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great and direct loss to you as well as to America.
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Case 17. — "W. K., a seaman, set. 41, sustained a fracture of the left
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one in early summer, and another in autumn, commencing at
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rant and careless it will probably do harm, the committee
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eighteen weeks ; in a second experiment, for nineteen weeks ; in a third, per-
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tampering in physic, and inviting the people to come to them
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cavities, as I wished especially to examine the inferior vena
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foreign body. Is the recorded experience and the teach-
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the wound close like a valve. The closure is caused by intra-ocular
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provenance. It so hai)pened that the most fertile period of Perugian
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s[)ecial nervous centre controlling and co-ordinating
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tragus, and advised the promotion of free after-bleeding.
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meric root, &c. The general directions for preparing the polish
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be very useful. Under this management, the patient will
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T'Ifi BO:SrO.V MBDirAL AND SURf^lCAL JOURNAL Is published evnry Wednesday, by D,
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Hutter's cases of arterial transfusion with defibrinated human
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when the blue color had existed in a marked degree during life,
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Paris Exhibition with the following diatribe against the
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clear and perfectly neutral solutions in water ; solutions of the