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dreamy, moody, and brooding. If disturbed they are irritable, and are often

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possess a general knowledge of the laws of chemical philosophy, and a

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Freiburg — ^University of Ck>ttingen — ^Medical Faculty of Bostock —

paroxetine hcl 20 mg weight gain

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sorbed, the symptoms of compression abate, and there is a steady progress

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The so-called multiple neuromata or neuro-fibromata are of special path-

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.about nine days. He may be required to operate on the cadaver, and

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of the cerebral cortex is distinct from the rest, inasmuch as it is the exclusive

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There is almost always constipation. The spleen may be somewhat enlarged.

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Prizes, — ^Four medals are open for competition at the end of each

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connection between them; often both conditions may be the simultaneous

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Class A and B charge pay as follows : The prinoipal Medical Officer of an

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Thought " ; they are ardent advocates of antivivisection, antivaccination, or

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Medical College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, — ^Matriculation.

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IV. — Indian^ Colonial, and Foreign Universities a/nd Colleges.

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the brain gradually recover from the shock, and consciousness slowly returns.

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345. Therapy of Syphilis. — Therapy as modified by all types of syphilitic processes.

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particular direction, either forward, backward, or to one side. Such pecul-

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In all such cases there is probably a secondary change in the lumbar cord, by

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the degenerating fibers have lost the power of being stimulated, and can there-

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past two years with marked success has been the limitation of the

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soon as we recognize by means of a careful inquiry the hypochondriacal anxi-

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