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danger of poisoning. — Munchen. med. WcJinsclir., 1901, Xo. 42.
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seems to possess any power over hydrophobia. Two cases have been
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genetic phase of the acetone bodies was made clear.
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cold or damp weather, and die with the frosts of au-
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and the opening chapters of every great systematic work
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asserting that they were indorsed by Dr. Wm. Osier and others, the
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Dr. Fox had an impression that the disease was not cor-
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francs. Some of the discoveries modestly ask that they
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think it extremely difficult, even with the finger, to find a
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to be normal, but on removing the dura mater, which was normal, the
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Salol, usually the best of all, is here unavailing, because the bile being
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grey matter. The white substance at these enlarged spots is
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equately nourished, necessarily become? subject to it ; and in the
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9. Agostino R, Orzalesi M, Nodari S, Mendicini M et al: Con-
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slow circulation through the tissues, the blood loses more oxygen and
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ty, by fupporting and increafing the aftion of the vafcular fyf-
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demonstrated how the secretion of salivary glands c<mld be in-
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diet does not produce the sufficient effect the author recommends milk
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the walls, the cavities becoming smaller ; excentric hypertrophy means
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intelligently as possible of the inspectors' findings, the health officer
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IT//?. Pulse 100; blisters had formed in the hand ; tongue dry ; had a
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feminists and clergy all trying to persuade a male legis-
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so shifted as to permit a view of the chest in every part.
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passions. These four muscles indicate emotions and sympa-
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The patient stood the operation well, and made a rapid
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ing. Dr. Holland is known personally to thousands of doctors and lay-
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who chooses to put me in a passion," and, strange to
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of the regimental surgeons, there was an average of
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jectiles under the fluoroscope. The more cumbersome
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nary nmcus. For this reason, it was now deemed proper to discou-
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ances are more intensified and the tumor becomes variable
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stout and of crithidial appearance and some slender, apparently try-
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anemia, there is no condition in which this is so constant. My own
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exhibit only the usual aj)pearances of artificial der-