The Wedding Singer

January 21, 2011  

Having watched the film for the  one millionth time last weekend (Adam Sandler, what’s not to like?!) I decided to set about searching for our wedding music. Little did I know that in doing so, I’d be opening a ma-hu-ssive can of wedding worms…

My man and I have similar tastes in most things…travel, food, interiors (well, he hasn’t an opinion on interiors…so it’s my taste all the way!) but the similarities end with music. My taste is what I like to call eclectic, whilst his is…well…erm…drab. Dull. Cliche. In fact, I’d best describe it as ‘elevator music’. You know the kind. Whiny and depressing…or so inoffensive, you actually forget it’s there. So far, it’s the one and only aspect of the wedding that we’ve really conflicted over.

What I’d like: In a no holds barred situation, utopia world, where budget {and reality} weren’t a factor, my ideal wedding music would go something like this…Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and his ucalaly play me down the aisle, to the tune of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ with John Williams and his orchestra providing reception entertainment during our meal. The original cast of Hair entertains us with such iconic tunes as ‘Let The Sunshine In’ to get us in the mood for a boogie. The Beatles sing a set and we finish off with an 80′s cheese-fest disco.

What He’d Like: Sting sings ‘When We Dance’ as I gracefully float down the aisle, Damien Rice  ’The Blowers Daughter’ (ok, this is a tune!) provides his ideal movie-theme-backing-tune scenario, as we marry within a montage of the last 10 years…special appearances from Supertramp, REM and (God help us) Erasure makes up the evening play-list…

So you can see why (back in the real world) my suggestion of our musical friends mucking-in with an open-mike kind of set-up – followed by some traditional tunes from a folk band, went down like a led balloon. He’s thinking string quartet for ceremony, I’m thinking fiddle. He’d like a DJ and play-list, I’d love the atmosphere of a live band.

We’re in a musical stand-off…and I feel another montage coming! Any ideas?


4 Responses to “The Wedding Singer”
  1. Perdita says:

    We had similar issues. I’m much more unashamed in my ‘rrock’ than my husband, who has wide tastes. In the end we compromised, it definitely wasn’t my first choice but it was the only one I could bear as a 1st dance.

    In the church, he let me take the lead and we chose some fabulous bombastic organ music with Amazing Grace, Lord of The Dance and Morning Has Broken as the hymns.

  2. Lucy says:

    Morning lovely, was just talking about Wedding music last night with my sister in law and remembered our bizarre mix! I walked down the aisle to Finini by rokia traoré have never known what the lyrics are but just loved it at the time, walked back down the aisle ( when I say aisle I got married in a barn but you know!) to one of Si’s beloved Nan’s, (who sadly had passed away) favourite pieces of music, the original Perez Prado Mambo No 5 ( not the a little bit of monica one haha). First dance was ‘into your arms’ by the lemon heads, sung by our friends band, who then played a set and then we had a barn dance! yep like you I have an eclectic taste in music! Sure you will both find songs/music you love xx

  3. amy f says:

    How about he gets his string quartet for the ceremony and you get a live band for the reception?

  4. admin says:

    Perdita…love the sound of those bombastic hymnes and Lucy, going for something you have a connection to is such a gorgeous idea…
    Amy, thanks hun – we visited the venue this morning and although it’s a little squashed for a quartet – we’re thinking a harpist might be the best compromise, with band in eve! Thanks all xxx

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