Our Wedding – Four Months Today!

May 17, 2011  

Last night it dawned on me that in four months time we’ll be saying our vows, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to blog about how I’m feeling about the impending celebrations…

I have found it much harder work than I could have ever imagined. I don’t know if that’s a normal or abnormal feeling, but I can spend hours excitedly creating inspiration boards, styling photo shoots and giving advice to other planning Brides, but for myself? Nada. This is how bad it’s got…

♥ I’ve yet to create a mood board for our wedding – though I have a file on my laptop that’s brimming with saved images that I love.  My fear is that I adore so many things, the wedding will look like it’s having an identity crisis – or that I’ve vomited an eclectic mix of rustic, whimsical, bohemia with elements of folk all over the place. The general ‘theme’ {not a fan of that word} is ‘stuff we love’.

♥ I’ve only just started booking things for the wedding and still haven’t made a single piece of decor – though I do have a box of bits I’ve already stashed, which I’ll dig into…and I’ll borrow stuff from my folks too {thanks Mum} to save pennies! Again, worried ‘old curiosity shop’  and ‘musty’ might be used to describe my styling.

♥ Although I’ve sent masses of ‘inspirational’ images to my B’maids only two of five have dresses.

♥ My Groom hasn’t even considered his attire yet.

♥ My Dad is so begrudged to spend money – he wants to wear a suit he’s owned for years, circa 1970…it doesn’t look vintage…it looks tragic.

♥ Every time we sit down to read through ceremony/vow choices, we get distracted and end up creating our own alternative ‘I love you more than….’ stupid versions. It’s not big and it’s not clever – it just wastes time.

♥ I’m running regularly to fit my bottom and thighs into my form-fitting dress….then promptly rewarding myself with a carb mountain. My weight isn’t increasing…but it isn’t decreasing either.

♥ I’m having a recurring dream; I wake up, it’s the day of our wedding and I’ve not organised anything, so have to blag it all.

♥ I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye.

Brides-to-be…how are your plans going?

With Love, Boho Bride xx


18 Responses to “Our Wedding – Four Months Today!”
  1. Linda @ Cedarwood Weddings says:

    Sarah, you’ve made us smile today. The stress you’re feeling is actually a brew pot for creativity and in the recesses of your talented mind is a perfectly unique and beautiful day. We look forward to seeing it!

  2. Photography by Laura Babb says:

    I’ve only been engaged for two weeks (yay!) and I’ve already started making tissue paper pom poms. I haven’t done a single other thing – no venue, no dress, no plans other than having lots and lots of tissue paper pom poms!

    I may have to reprioritise my to do list…

  3. admin says:

    Linda thanks so much for your lovely comment – I hope I can pull it off…so lovely of you to have faith in me! xxx

    Laura – huge congratulations! Organising the decor already, my kinda girl! Love your gorgeous website btw, the images are fab xxx

  4. Eat Sleep Cake says:

    At least you know loads of people in ‘the biz’ hon so can pull it all together last minute if needed. I am sure with your eye it will all come together brilliantly and look totally gorgeous! xx

  5. Eat Sleep Cake says:

    P.S Havent laughed so much in ages! Might need to repost if that’s ok with you and share it with some of my brides! x

  6. Johanna says:

    Made me smile – how cute!

  7. Shona (freebird1985sm) says:

    It’ll all come together i’m sure. You have all the ideas there, they are amazing ideas too! Sending possitive vibes your way. Crack on with that decor! Xx

  8. admin says:

    Thanks Nicki and yes, you’re very welcome to – I love hearing from other planning Brides feeling the same kind of pressures! xxx

    Jo, thank you…that stunning treasure the dress cheers me up whenever I see the mellow yellow xxx

    Shona, you’re a star – thanks lovely, hope so! xxx

  9. Katy says:

    I have the exact same twitch! Staying up reading blogs late does not help…

    As for the vows, why not do the silly i love you more thans, me and Daniel do it all the time. So much so that i told him we have to start writing them down in a love note format to either make a book of to have beside the guestbook, orrr do them on pretty papers and peg them up like bunting ;)

    I also have wedding day horror dreams and we dont even have a date set. My favourite was one where my dad had the top part of a tuxedo but wore navy jogging bottoms, burgandy socks and scruffy trainers to walk me down the aisle. Bet your dads suit isnt sounding so bad now ey??


  10. Sue says:

    All sounds familiar!It will all come together beautifully and the twitch will go and be replaced with aching cheeks on the BIG DAY from smiling so much xx

  11. Claire says:

    Hi Sarah, poor you what a stress! Have you tried writing down absolutely everything you need to do for your wedding to get it all out of your head and onto paper? I find once I do this it helps clear my mind and I can focus better. I can then start to break them down into smaller, less scary tasks. Another trick I have learned very recently is to give myself deadlines for things I need to do, like choose the invitations, book the car etc. I put everything into Google calendar), and then share the deadlines with my friends on Facebook – that way they help keep me on track and I’m less likely to back out. Oh and I always promise myself a little reward if I do what I say I will, like a double helping of Mad Men! Good luck with it all anyway, I’m sure it will be a fantastic day! xxx

  12. admin says:

    Katy I LOVE your bunting idea!!! Brilliant xx

    Sue, thank you – just thinking about that feeling makes me smile xx

    Claire, you’re so right. I do make lists, but then write lists about the lists…the deadline with friends is a genius idea. Will get my B’maids on my case! xx

  13. Mary Harding says:

    Firstly just wanted to say how much i LOVE this blog!!
    Keeps me entertained and inspired! I have just had a similar panic, when crossing the 3 months to go barrier yesterday made me take a look at an online checklist I had compiled a while back and then proceeded to completely ignore… anyway I thought I would do some wedmin and tidy it up and suddenly realised we have over 70 “tasks” to complete with less than 3 months and only 4 free weekends between now and then to go!!! So currently in a quiet state of panic, the fact that both my fiancé’s and my jobs are very busy at the moment not helping!!
    In the end though I know we will somehow scrabble it all together as I’m sure you will and with such a lovely stylish blog I have no doubt your wedding will be the same! Good luck!

  14. admin says:

    Oh Mary, it sounds so familiar! The list probably looks really overwhelming…but you can do it! A task a day is how I’m approaching things at Wedding HQ…feels very satisfying when I tick something off before bed!

    What date are you getting married? PLEASE keep us posted – it’s so lovely to hear from other planning Brides!

    And thank you so much for your kind words about the blog!!! Happy planning and big boho love xxxx

  15. Charlie says:

    Hi Sarah, I got married about a week ago, and I was not too dissimilar to you in the lead up to our ‘big day’. My only advice is not to worry and just go with it, what will be will be, and if you just go with the flow of the day and enjoy yourself all the things that do, or don’t, go to plan just won’t matter.

    The look ‘stuff we love’ is perfect – it will just work on the day. I did most of my making in the two weeks before, and most of that was really the week before with the help of my little sister. No one knew what my dad was wearing, I’m pretty sure it was all items he’d had for a while, nothing new, but he looked great – I’m sure your dad will too, and unless it’s really outrageous you probably won’t mind :)

    Just go with it – all the ups and downs – and don’t worry about it!

  16. Lydia says:

    Wow. This sums me up – ten weeks to go and I am stressed….I started off well;
    Venue – check
    Dress – check
    Florist/Photographer/DJ – check/check/check!
    But then the big things were done and the little things could wait…and still are waiting. Jewellery for me and the bridesmaids, underwear for me, a veil for me, table plan, name places, favours, food choices…. Every time I think about it all I freak out. I too have lists, which I avoid…. But really I know it will be fine. I’ll get there and I have to just think about that fact that I am just SO EXCITED about marrying my boy!

    PS. I too have a twitch…it developed during my dissertation writing, but has returned with vengeance during this wedding planning business! Eek!

  17. admin says:

    Oh Lydia – you are not alone! Since writing this post I’ve had some fantastic emails from other planning Brides – we all have these moments it seems! I’m sure it will come together beautifully…and as for the twitch…I find gin o’clock helps dissipate XX


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