Our Wedding Countdown – Three Months Today!

June 17, 2011  

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Another month, another countdown post. I’m afraid readers of this blog might find it hard to escape my own wedding plans as I draw ever closer to W-day…

I’ve received some amazing emails and comments from other planning Brides of late and it’s been such a relief to connect with those sharing the same highs and lows of planning their nuptials – thank you so much!

Today feels weirdly cathartic for me as yesterday marked the end of a very busy time, both at work and play…but I find that as my mind clears from a heavy work-load and turns towards the wedding – the silly anxieties start to take hold as I begin to acknowledge the pressure of ensuring I look on my game…on the big day!

Three months isn’t much time at all and there are many things I’d like to improve on, so I decided to put myself ‘out-there’ and share. But, with bad comes good and I’m not about to publicly berate myself, merely share and hopefully strike a chord with others feeling the same way…you are not alone!!!

The bad bits…

Style. My uber expensive, uber cute wedding shoes are pinching no matter how many times I totter around in them whilst wearing thick walking socks {I feel a Friends ‘Monica’ moment coming on…you know, the one where she spends a fortune of evil painful boots!} yet I’ve assured my OH that they’re the most amazingly comfortable shoes ever!

The hair debate. I want my hair to look special yet ‘me’…though day-to-day, I tend to wear my hair down and messy – which isn’t very Bridal. I sometimes wear little plaits through the front – but then if I catch a glimpse of myself with them I tend to just think ‘nose’. I hate my profile – so maybe I should keep it all down…

I also feel like a whale in my dress. I’ve put on weight in the last couple of weeks and although this upsets me – it’s not enough to force me away from carbs. Why can’t I feel more motivated?!

Beauty. I need to visit the dentist. I know I’ll regret not having a hygienist appointment and polish ahead of our big day – yet my fear of dentists is actually making me feel light headed as I type. The last time I went {two years ago} I nearly knee’d the scary, white-coated man in his ‘boyzone’…not really appropriate behavior for a grown, nearly married woman.

Do I get a spray tan? I’m so pale, I actually look blue and it knocks my confidence no-end. When I have a spray tan I feel wonderful…until it starts to fade. I then look like I’ve a major skin complaint. Not a good look for the honeymoon.

The good bits…

Style. However painfull, I love my shoes. I also love my dress {even though it’s a little snug} and I’ve so much faith in the talented florist who’s going to help pull the look together with a gorgeous, colourful bouquet.

I’ll get by with a little help from my spanx.

Beauty. A dear friend {who happens to be a Bridesmaid too} is doing my make-up. She knows me so well and always dolls me up for our nights out – I’m in safe hands.

I adore the lady who’s styling my hair. We’ve worked together on photo shoots and she’s very talented. This pleases me! Plus she’s got a great sense of humour. Always a bonus in my book.

So all is not lost…and Brides, I think this is the trick mid-meltdown. Aknowledge the negative…but always follow up with some Brucie-bonus plus points! It makes for happy planning.

With Love, Boho Bride xx


4 Responses to “Our Wedding Countdown – Three Months Today!”
  1. BridestockBride says:

    Love that you’re keeping a sense of humour about it all. :-) x

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Laura – I’ll always preffer to err on the side of comedy rather than get too crazy about the stressful wedding-ness, though it’s so easy to let it get on top of you! Your blog is awesome. Love your wedding ideas – right up my street! xx

  3. Caroline Starrs says:

    Oh so good to see I’m not the only one going through this…I’ve just got out of a mad period at work too and we’re getting married early October so it’s all a little overwhelming! This weekend we’re joining the gym and sorting out the invites :)

  4. admin says:

    Oh sounds just like us! The invites only went out last week + I went to my first aerobics class tonight out of sheer panic – we can do it Caroline! X

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