Our Wedding – 5 Days to Go!

September 12, 2011  

I know there’s been a bit of an absence of bother personal posts and inspiration of late; my apologies dear readers as things have been very manic. You see I’m actually getting spliced this Saturday and have been pulling in all the hours not only at my day job, but on the styling jobs I’ve also been doing….not to mention actual wedding plans! My candle has been well and truly burnt at both ends and I am so looking forward to 5.30pm Tuesday when I can finally fully embrace the gravitas of what this week has to offer…

For those of you reading who are in the midst of wedding plans and for those who might have already been through this experience, I thought I’d highlight a few of the things on my ‘to do’ list as well as note down some of the fluttering feelings that are passing through my head {and tummy} as the day ebbs ever closer…

♥ I am giving up the name that I’ve lived with for 29 years and whilst I’m happy to it also feels huge. A lot of my friends call me by my surname, even more so lately and whenever I hear it I have a little pang of upset that I’ll be letting it go….yet I also feel really ready to be Mrs C, and very proud as well. It’s a strange feeling – has anyone else had a similar experience?

♥ I keep getting break-outs of spots on my chin and now look like I’m in the midst of puberty…why? why? why?

♥ There’s no way I’ll be able to include every design detail I’d originally planned for our wedding – but I have prioritised those that we feel an affinity towards and I guess that’s what truly matters.

♥ Over the last few days, looking at my hubby-to-be, whether he’s sat at his desk or doing the dishes, fills my heart with a feeling of overwhelming happiness with the knowledge that we’ll be making life-long vows to each other in front of all those dear to us. It’s an incredible, indescribable feeling.

♥ The table plan needs to be…er planned.

♥ We booked a September wedding because we love autumn and were sure we’d have an ‘Indian summer’; we therefore planned nearly every element of the day to be outside….not sure things will go to plan and I’ve had to let go of those kind of expectations and adopt a ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude. Once I acknowledged that I cannot control the elements - I started to sleep a lot easier…

♥ This is sure to be the most exciting time of our lives so far and we can’t wait to share it with our family and friends!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

P.S. Drop by on Wednesday when I’ll finally be publishing our own wedding inspiration board! xx


5 Responses to “Our Wedding – 5 Days to Go!”
  1. Johanna says:

    wow! where did that time go! have a wonderful wedding and many many happy returns! xx

  2. Caroline Starrs says:

    Oh good luck!! I can’t wait to see and hear how it all went! I’m very much going through everything you’re going through in your list, work is mad and I constantly feel deflated having not had a decent amount of time off and yet love the Mr more than ever so get home have a bit of a cry and then get a hug and it all goes away…until tomorrow :) Even the spots on my chin too!! It’s been a permanent fixture since we announced our engagement I think…

    All the very best for your big day!!xx

  3. Mary Rothery says:

    Hello boho bride, I just wanted to wish you and your fiancé all the very best for your wedding this week!! I got married to my wonderful husband just three weeks ago and wanted to say that I followed your blog avidly as a fellow bride planning a wedding! Life as the ‘Mrs’ of your ‘Mr’ is quite simply wonderful. Since we returned from Honeymoon I have taken every single opportunity possible to introduce my OH as “my Husband” and probably had the hugest foolish grin on my face every time!! You’ve done all the hard work now so just relax and enjoy every second!
    Mrs R!!

  4. freckles says:

    Eeek! It’s all getting a bit exciting now! As a total ‘moments-junkie’ I’m loving hearing all your thoughts on the run up to your wedding day! Can’t wait to hear all about the wedding too :)

  5. admin says:

    Joanna thank you so much lovely! xx

    Caroline, I hope knowing another Bride-to-be feels the same helps you…you’re words have certainly assured me! xx

    Mary, congrats! And thank you so, so much for your words and for supporting the blog – it means a lot! xx

    Freckles – thank you, I’ll post as much as poss…it’s really theraputic! xx

    Big thank you to all for your continued support! Big Boho Bride Love xxxx

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