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from, the central schools. This being done, we need have no fear of
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humidity, for a series of four years, was from 65° to 69°
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this time, also, cheesy matters were found. Dr. Marcet pro-
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contents indistinguishable from those found in human autopsies.
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impaired during the paroxysm and increased at its close. Auscultation
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by the actual measurement of degenerate muscles which, treated by
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be helpful to themselves and their families. Very few of them
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undoubtedly rabid dogs, only one twentieth died, instead of the previously
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and in the amemic there are no reserves in the liver or elsewhere to make
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\ ;;;/;;' ■'^-''"•■'■'M''v t.ii'u ..i,i,r ii,,u,'-. uh.n iiK. ,ui. h... K^^^^^
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The forty-second Regular Monthly Meeting of the St. Alexis Hospital
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case of peiiiphioics chronicus vulgaris, affecting for over twenty months
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and a portion of October. Shortly after his return I was asked to visit
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no ulceration or active inflammation, only a hyper-
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included in Mr. Crawford's definition of Self or Heart, so
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Cesarean operation, can rarely be admitted, and may be restricted
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can be seen to begin at the right side of the band formed by the bind-
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The subsequent history of this case is briefiy told :
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^,,„ gr. of Adrenalin to each ji of the base. ,-' ^^^^ ^"*^^ chronic ^conjunctivitis.
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to find it, and the same difficulty occurred to two or three of
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and heart disease in short, diseases prone to abdominal engorgement-
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hour afterwards, as he was walking about the ward, suddenly cried out for
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syphilis. The chancre appeared twenty-six days after inoculation. It then
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Felix Patry, UAcromegalie avant, 1885, Paris, 1908.
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Arlt describes one case of chronic choroiditis pro-
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manifested, is readily understood. The points brought
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F. R. C. P.; H. Bellamy Gardner, M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P.; A. E. Giles, B. Sc, M. D.,
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.p. at j .™ e assizes. Some medical witnesses are disposed to treat an inquest
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Dr. Sam Brown Hays, Interne at Wills Hospital, Philadel-
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the catholic clergy, nothing at all — and ourself, barely one ! We, too, re-
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of calculi, but only the surgeon can remove them. It would
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the deceased, and caused a fracture of the skull. On a consultation, the
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language of the savage races among whom he ministered spontaneously
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Examination of Urine. — Deep Yellow Color, Sp. Gr. 1019. Heavy deposit of Urates and
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of a board of medical examiners." This act became a law
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from home m the morning, but had returned, and again left
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eighth space, posterior axillary line. The proximity
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ty of the two diseases : the same condition of the system which
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being interrogated, they stated that about three days