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case of electricity, seeks the path of least resistance will not convert the
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potassium * dissolved in half-a-pint of water. The dose may
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the innermost recesses and folds of the mucous membranes, that mild and
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expressing a medical opinion : since it must be remembered there are no
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" bowel-infection," a recognized entity. The treatment
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and of which Dr. Weber was the first adapter. It con- *
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of breathing is greatly aggravated. If not noticed before, drop-
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the Very first match that was struck would envelop the world in fire in an instant
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swelling of the lymphatics, lasting about a fortnight, with slight general
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which I have already stated. I have found it best of late
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cool days following the summer. It should thus be borne in mind that
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to the use of the catheter, no record having been made
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faint ; respiration was hurried, and the pulse very small and fre-
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" The style is easy and fascinating. It should be in the hands of every nurse
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cent, solution of carbolic acid was turned into the cav-
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am, however, induced to lay before my professional brethren in some
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went down and aided in forming the Clark county society, and succeeded in
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I heard nothing more of this case for several months after I
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objection begs the question ; the present conditions are immoral, and checks to
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fibrils of the axis cylinders, as the true nervous elements^ i. e. those anatomical elements through
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sary to draw any blood at all. The drawn blood was red, but
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A large number of drugs, especially alkaloids, even bitters,
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the greater general delicacy and sensibility of the female frame, at every
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of symptoms of gastric disease, he began to vomit. At
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sign that a pneumonic process of some kind exists in the lungs.
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minutes, but ranged from 5.5 to 12.75 minutes. The clotting time
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directly to the bath. When evaporated, the fluidextract was not
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than one faculty member to honor because of their con-
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factitious blood. The resultant of the various actions of
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other forms of medical insurance. 8 A more ingenious
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fever would be one of the most dangerous of diseases, if those inex-
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Passive exercise, massage, and electricity form an essential part of the "rest-
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Persistent severe headache or other symptoms suggesting cere-
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how far introducing fluids as drink would be good practice. Dr.