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gynecology, a position he has ever since held ; and on the

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but a single repertory on a given subject, for his own use, must

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tine ; but the power of the former seems to be the greater, whilst

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cal lesion. Taking this into account, I ordered belladonna 6 * and

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business, and having no memory of it. Dr. Hughes has also

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years, when, at his request, it was divided, and he was

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Simpson's bilateral and Sims's antero-posterior operation for the

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tional treatment can possibly be for a long time, and the ameli-

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breaking the needle. After the sutures are in, carefully sponge

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Hospital. He was an honorary member of the principal medical

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story which cannot fail to be of vivid interest to every worker in

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It goes forth on a useful mission, which we earnestly hope may

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the medical profession has enabled this well-known firm to offer

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Hyde, and a grandson of Gen. Caleb Hyde, of Revolutionary fame.

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question must be further studied at autopsies. To sum up,

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ing, rushing, or roaring sound. There are certain other subjective sensations —

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excluded. Butter, lard, cheese, sausages, brown sugar, molasses,

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question must be further studied at autopsies. To sum up,

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occupying a lot sixty by one hundred feet. Starting with three

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On January 1, iSys, Dr. Bryant took the bacteriological

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only its own growth, its own nutrition, but that of its supple-

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was performed by him Miy 19, 188S, and was repealed on

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been applied by philosophers as a term of reproach, which medi-

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outspoken, fearlessly criticising Hahnemann and some of his

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nal pains of more or less extensive peritoneal inflammation. We

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Also the following physicians were elected as corresponding

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ance Company, 139 Broadway, N. V., assisting the sur-